tackling the "about me" page seemed like the right place to start. it's really not as easy as one would think. this is probably my 10th draft.  just to make things simple, short and sweet...here goes:

  1. i am really tall. 6 foot 1 inch to be exact
  2. i swear too much and my mom thinks i sound like a truck driver
  3. i wish i was more creative
  4. if you put peanut butter/almond butter/regular butter on anything, i will eat it. literally, anything.
  5. i love chamomile tea and a biscotti. i would take the tea alone, but not the biscotti.
  6. i love bread, but think it makes me fat. and i'm not too vain to admit that.
  7. i get too excited about things, and then when they don't work out...i get very disappointed.
  8. i love brussel sprouts
  9. i would take funny over sexy any day
  10. i am a sister, a daughter and most recently an aunt (Ti Ti Boom)
  11. i still think i started the trend to say "boom"
  12. i love to sweat
  13. i'm divorced (a topic that i will cover in a post sooner than later)
  14. i hate my nose
  15. i love my freckles
  16. i wear mascara like it's the last time i'll ever get to use it
  17. i think headbands should be the next big thing
  18. i'm caffeine free
  19. i am the ultimate romantic
  20. i would rather be scared watching a horror story than touched watching a romantic comedy
  21. i'm fiercely stubborn, honest and competitive. sometimes it gets me in trouble
  22. i don't think i deserve all the happiness in my life
  23. all my friends are married and having kids, and i'm not sure about any of it
  24. i would love to live abroad and learn another language. anywhere.
  25. one of my goals is to travel for a year, with no destination and no plan