{augustus southwood: month 8}

{augustus southwood: month 8}


again, there was no formal weigh in this month, but i'm assuming that he was around 17lbs. everyone still comments on how "tall" he i think he's still tall and skinny.


i say the same thing every month. and i'm assuming that i will continue to say the same thing next time. but he's such a good baby.  he doesn't cry much, but when he does, it's because he wants something or needs something. i always think to myself that he got the man's personality because he seems to be pretty darn content in most situations. i'm so happy he takes after his dada!


he's still rocking the sleep stuff. we had quite a few times this month where he woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time getting back to sleep. it's funny because what's happened several times is that i get up to go into his room, and he stops! the last couple of times i did it, i actually thought to myself..."maybe he'll stop if i get up!" i think it worked once out of the three times i've thought that...but still!

he still struggles with naps. he's gotten easy to put down without much of a peep, but he still only infrequently does better than 30-50 minutes.  i have days where i really struggle with that, but then days where i miss him and am excited to have him back with me after only 30 minutes!


bike ride: gus and mama went on a bike ride to trader joes and he was pretty stoic the whole time. i think he enjoyed it, but there wasn't much laughing or smiling...just a lot of looking :) the man bought me an awesome bike for christmas, and we had a day that cooperated with the weather...and i'm sure there will be many more!

new house: i should really do a whole blog post on this, but we bought a house! gus will have a brand new place to terrorize, and mama will have a new place to fix up. it's all very exciting, and i can't wait for the day that gus plays in the backyard in just a diaper. so cute.

highchair: gus used a big boy high chair for the first time when we went out to dinner for the end of my Whole30.  it was so funny to see him in a seat like that as we are used to the carseat or a bumbo (rarely.) he looked like such a big boy. i couldn't even believe it!

easter: we went to my sisters house for brunch and the man made his signature chocolate french toast. gus didn't have any, but he did have a wonderful day.  we even stopped by the new house and put together a bed! 

crawling: gus started army crawling on March 25th. we were so excited, as you can tell in our voices on this video! he seemed so small to be getting around so well. we are in trouble!

first trip to palm desert: this deserves a post all in itself, but we are so lucky to be able to go to palm desert for an extended period of time and just relax with my parents. it was even better that gus got to be around jake and bo the whole time as well. it was constant entertainment!

cousins bath: this was better in our heads than in reality. we tried to kill two (or three) birds with one bath and it didn't go quite as planned. gus had a bit of a meltdown, and although jake did his best to calm him, we had to pull him out pretty quickly as he just wasn't having it!

how mama feels:

emotionally: this love is something fierce. but i want more. lots more.

physically: i wish i was working out. but i'm not.

breastfeeding: gus was down to 4 feedings a day this month. he was eating 2 solid meals (breakfast and dinner) and sometimes lunch. every month i plan to wean a feeding. 

and here's the best part...some great photos of him throughout this last month!





{augustus southwood: month 7}

{augustus southwood: month 7}