{augustus southwood: month 7}

{augustus southwood: month 7}


no formal weigh in this month...but i'm guessing (from my scale here) that gus was around 16lbs 6 gained almost a pound in a month! i think this is from all the full fat greek yogurt gus has been eating! i'm trying to pack on the pounds. i have no idea how tall he is now. he's still really long.


a baby dream boat. i can make him laugh...but his dad is really the one that gets him all excited. he laughs harder for the man than anyone else, and i'm sure this is just the beginning of their special bond. he is rolling around everywhere and if i leave him on his mat during tummy time and leave the room to put a load of laundry in or make something to eat for myself, he is bound to be in a completely different spot when i get back.  he is super mellow and rarely fusses, unless he is overtired, hungry or wants out of his car seat. that is something that he picked up around 6 months...he HATES the carseat. i think it's due in part because he can't see having him face forward will help this a lot....even though that's so far away.  i think that it's sort of a funny thing to have him not like, because most babies fall asleep in the car...but instead gus screams. i feel bad and sometimes if i put my hand back there and rub the top of his hand, he will calm down and just sit and look out the window. shhhh...don't tell anyone i'm only driving with one hand though :)


our little guy is such an amazing sleeper now that we did the sleep training. he cut out every night feed except for his 3:30-4am one. since he's on the smaller side, i had no problem getting up and feeding him. he would eat, then immediately go back to bed. towards the end of this month, i started doing a dream feed to see if i could feed him before i went to bed, and therefore have him go longer in the morning. it worked!!! the first night i did it, he went until 6:30 am! he then regressed a couple nights, but overall was doing such a good job. i continued this for about a week and a half...until one night i fell asleep right after he did and couldn't bring myself to get up and pull him out of bed and feed him. so i just went with it and decided to see what happens. sure enough, the little guy slept til 6:15 ish...fed then and went back to sleep until 7:30. i haven't dream fed since.

naps our still a challenge with gus, but he's had a few morning naps that have lasted between 1 hour and 15 minutes, and pushing 2 hours! they are still few and far between (he's had maybe 3-5 of them) but i am praying that he starts to figure out daytime sleep and do just as well as he does at night. i think he will get there!


oregon beach day:  we went down to the beach with Mimi, Auntie Lizzie, and cousins jake and bo. we decided it would be fun to all ride in one car, so we put in the third row seats in my car and all piled in! it was such a fun day. the weather was absolutely gorgeous and there was little to no wind. rare for the oregon coast and VERY rare for a day in February. i brought my selfie stick and took a few good snaps. 

valentine's day: gus spent his first valentines day with his parents. i can't even remember what we did, but i know that it was special and family oriented.  he dressed up for the occasion!

swim lessons: gus had his first swim lesson on February 22nd. he was 6 months and a little over a week old.  i was NOT prepared for him to go completely under the water, so when the lady said to put him under i almost had a heart attack.  when he went under, he swallowed quite a bit of water, but handled it ok. he was definitely not happy about it, but basically whined the whole time...which is not like him!  i was nervous that he was going to HATE swimming based on the first time, but he has gotten to the point where he loves it!

golf: my mom, dad and the man were playing golf one sunday and instead of sitting at home waiting for them with gus, we decided to join in! it was president's day weekend, so it was pretty quiet. we walked most of the course with them, and gus even got to ride in the cart! he was amazing the whole time, and eventually just passed out from all the fresh air.

how mama feels:

emotionally: i think i need to get used to the fact that the love is so intense, it makes you a tad crazy! i'm trying to not worry about things and just live and love, but it's hard when i feel like it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye. but my mind is set to think positive thoughts!

physically: i'm getting to the point where i am starting to feel bad about not working out more. i'm still a really bad runner, so that makes it so challenging to get out. i know it would get easier, but i just don't have the motivation! the other issue i've started to think about is getting pregnant again and being so out of shape! that just means that it will be even harder to get back into shape once i'm done with babies. part of me cares, and part of me doesn't. i just want these babies!

breastfeeding: i feel like it's suddenly a countdown to when we are done.  we definitely want to get pregnant again soon, and it's hard when i'm still nursing at least 6 times a day. my sister has given me the advice to drop 1 feeding per month, and be down to 2 feedings a day at his 10 month birthday. hopefully this means i will get my period back by that time so we can get number 2 cooking! but it's bittersweet because i love sitting down with gus and having him snuggle up on me....with no distractions. i used to make sure my phone was around all the time while nursing, but now i just sit and soak it up, staring at his beautiful little face. i love this kid.  

{augustus southwood: month 8}

{augustus southwood: month 8}

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