{augustus southwood: month 6}


since gus had a doctor visit this month, his official weigh in was 15lbs 7 oz.  i was thoroughly disappointed because he was on track to be 16lbs (which was my goal) and he completely went of course a few weeks before his half year birthday.  this dropped him into the 12th percentile for weight! SKINNIE MINNIE. his height came in at 27.7 inches...which is the 89th percentile. doc isn't worried. he just said he's getting his growth in height not in weight...which is totally fine! i told myself again this month that i wouldn't compare to other babies. but i still do :/


after we got the whole sleep training thing down...he was a dream per usual. honestly, i say the same thing every month...but he really is a super easy going baby. i'm glad he takes after his dad in several ways. he is starting to want to move a lot more, and reaching for toys/books/remotes are some of his favorite past times.


i left off last month with the fact that we tried to sleep train him at around 4.5 months...but neither gus nor i was ready. after weeks of terrible sleep for me (gus was in our bed almost every night. it's the only way i could get ANY sleep) i finally reached my breaking point. we were leaving for Hawaii (3 hour) time change in mid January, but i honestly couldn't wait til after we got back. i HAD to do it before. 

so, here's how round 2 went:

(January 9th) Night 1:  gus was in his crib at 6:30. he cried til 8:20, slept til 12:45, ate, cried for 10 minutes, slept til 4:30, cried for 20 minutes and we didn't go in, slept til 5:30 where he woke up and babbled for 20 minutes and fell asleep and then woke up for good at 6:40.  

Night 2: gus was in his crib at 6:50, went in to soothe after 5, 10, was going to go in again at 12 minutes, but self soothed and was asleep at 7:23!

Night 3: 25 minutes of crying

Night 4: 40 minutes of crying, went in at 15 minutes and then at 20

Night 5: 38 minutes of crying.  Slept THRU the night for the first time!!!! Woke up at 6:40, nursed and went back down til 7:30.

I didn't document past the first 5 nights, but I know that when we were in Hawaii he did amazing foe having a 3 hour shift in his schedule. he stayed up much later, and woke up 1-2x a night and then would sleep til at least 8 in the morning. he was sleeping in a pack and play from the hotel, and put himself to sleep so well. the man and i were both VERY proud, and soooo happy we did the sleep training before left. then we ALL could enjoy our vacation.


teeth: gus got his bottom right tooth somewhere right around his 5.5 month birthday. i didn't write it down because it felt like it was coming for so long...i didn't know where to count it. but since it cut through and was visible this month...we will count it as a 6 month milestone!

grabbed toes: on his 5 month birthday, he grabbed his toes for the first time! i

foot in mouth: right after we got back from hawaii, gus stuck his foot in his mouth for the first time!  it's so funny because it seems like he doesn't have any idea that they are attached to his body. his sharp little teeth bite them and i assume one day he will bite too hard and make himself cry. he's such a little biter.

food: gus tried food for the first time on January 28th!  i gave him a stick of broccoli to eat, and he was very interested in it until a piece came out and i flew towards him to pull out the chunk! i hope i didn't scare him, because now the only thing he likes to eat are purees.  i had started him on baby led weaning, but he wasn't getting ANYTHING in his mouth and i don't want to breastfeed forever (we'd like another bambino sooner than later!) anyway, i decided to try a mix of BLW and purees, and since the kid got a taste of the purees, he hasn't looked back! he loves ALL purees, applesauce, and greek yogurt! he is a great eater and knew how to swallow and eat off a spoon right away. 

along with the food he tried, he also mastered the sippy cup! i gave it to him full of breastmilk, and he knew exactly what to do and how to drink it.  i think i gave birth to a genius.  

super bowl: gus spent his first super bowl rooting for the best team in the NFL...and they pulled off a win! he slept through a majority of it, but his mama was happy and he got to see Aunt Mindy and meet Uncle Josh for the first time! he loved him.


how mama feels:

emotionally:  so, i love this kid more than anyone will ever be able to know. well, i guess if you are a mom...then you know. and for some reason, my mortality, my husband's mortality and even gus'...can all be a bit overwhelming at times. i used to struggle with hypochondriac symptoms (it's not that serious...something my mom and i diagnosed together :) but for a long time haven't been bothered by them. now, it's all suddenly coming back. i think it's because there is so much more to lose than there ever was before. i can't imagine leaving gus without a parent, and so it makes me all the more stressed out to stay healthy (very contradicting, i know.) anyway, this mom stuff is hard. it's so great. but it's so hard.

physically: my body is becoming less sore. i still don't have a desire to run, but i'm not going to push it. yoga has been sounding really good to me, so maybe i'll see if i can start at least a home version. i still have that PiYo that i actually liked, so maybe i'll start that up again.

breastfeeding: same as last month. easy peasy.

here are some pics from gus' 6th month of life!

{augustus southwood: month 7}

{augustus southwood: month 7}

{aussie vacation: melbourne}

{aussie vacation: melbourne}