{aussie vacation: melbourne}

{aussie vacation: melbourne}

when we arrived in melbourne, we were all screwed up on time, but not nearly to the extent that we were last time we were there. i'm sure being 5 weeks pregnant and traveling via coach didn't help us last time either, but i did feel much better this time AND we were caring for an infant!

we stayed at the sheraton in melbourne and it was beautiful. we had a huge room, set up with a travel crib, a huge bathroom with a soaking tub, and a cute little cafe/coffee house in the lobby. we were on little collins street in the CBD, so we could walk to almost anything downtown and it was super convenient. we ended up being really close to this mall where i found a shop called SEED that i loved for both mom and baby! 

the first day we went and met up with our good friends ben and nat who also have a baby EXACTLY 6 months older than Gus. his name is harvey and we know that he and gus are going to be great friends, even though they are worlds apart!  we were all so excited to see each other, we sat up til almost 10 pm talking and drinking wine while the little slept. it was such a nice catch up. 

this was the best we could do at getting a shot of the moms and the babes. the first meeting went pretty well!

the next day our lack of sleep finally caught up with us, so we took it easy and decided to sleep in a bit.  

the boys seemed more jet lagged than i was so i watched them rest for awhile and reflected on how lucky i was. 

after our nap, we met up with the man's auntie and decided to try some dim sum.  i had never had it before and apparently it's pretty legit in australia (especially melbourne) so we took gus to his first chinese restaurant and enjoyed the treats...and a bottle of wine or two :)

that night we met up with a bunch of the man's friends at a really cute bar somewhere outside of the city, and gus slept the ENTIRE 5+ hours we were there. we didn't even take him out of his car seat until the VERY en when he woke up and needed to eat! none of his friends got to hold him or anything....but i just couldn't wake a sleeping baby!  i also didn't take any pictures, so i have nothing to document that night with. but it was super fun.

the last day we walked around the city and then met up with ben and nat for lunch. we didn't really shop much, but the weather was beautiful so we covered a lot of ground and took gus' 3 month photo shot! this was also gus' first time on a tram! he did great.

after walking around in the city, we headed out to st. kilda so the man could show his son where he used to play footy. it was a super proud moment for both, and a proud mama taking photos. we stopped on the beach afterwards and took an obligatory beach shot.

that evening we had dinner with ben, nat and harvey again at the "Yacht Club." it's this divey old club on the water where the average age is probably 50 and the chairs and tables look like they are just about as old. it's on a beautiful stretch of beach and hasn't changed nearly at all since it was built. which is actually part of the beauty about it too. they serve a set menu and it's basic and amazing. plus there is cheap wine and beer and a deck that looks onto the amazing ocean. 

this was my favorite night we had in melbourne. these guys used to get into a lot of trouble together, and now look. they are such proud papas.  

i just love hanging out with this family and it makes me sad to think that they are so far away...but getting to see them will always be such a treat!

next up, the gold coast to meet nana and papa!!!


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