{augustus southwood: month 5}


-he weighed about 14lbs 14 ounces around his 5 month birthday. since this is not an official weigh in at the doctors office, i weighed him on our scale...but depending on what time of day it is, he can fluctuate a few ounces. i have no idea how long he is...but people always comment on his length so i'm assuming he's still in a high percentage.


-gus is interacting and reacting to us so much more these days. he likes to laugh, and the person that can make him laugh the most is his dad. he absolutely adores to watch dad make faces and giggles out loud. it might be the most precious sound that we've ever heard.  he has started to fuss in the carseat, and sometimes it takes him a few minutes in the car to really settle down and look out the window and relax. when he's really mad, he arches his back and you know that he doesn't want to be sitting in whatever he's in...either the carseat or the stroller. 


ok, this is where things really get interesting. we tried to sleep train him at right around 4 months and we made it 3 nights where there was so much crying i couldn't handle it. i think the first night he cried for 2.5 hours, and then 1.5 and about the same the last night before i caved. honestly, it was probably more me not being read than him...but sitting and listening to him cry was terrible. part of it was because i was prepared for 30-40 minutes of crying...but not hours. we decided to wait a few weeks and get through the holidays until we tried again.

we spent about 10 days in sunriver where things got really bad. he literally would not sleep anywhere except in my arms. my sister would put her kids to bed, and i would try, he'd make it 5 minutes and then scream, we'd go in and calm him and try again...this kept happening until i would just cave and go in the bedroom and pull him into our bed where he would sleep. like i said, we did this for about 10 days and i was waking up feeling like a zombie because not only was he in our bed, but he would want to nurse ALL the time. i basically was attached to him all night via my nipple. no good.

we knew that we were going to hawaii on January 16th, a week after we got back from sunriver...and all the books of course said to not start sleep training before you leave for a vacation..especially if it's in a different time zone, but i could not wait!!!!! so, i'll leave the results for next months post because most of the training was done in his 6th month of life.

to say the least, sleep has been a challenge lately...but i'm realizing that is parenthood.


rolling: he rolled front to back for the first time on December 27th, and then really perfected it one of the last days we were in Sunriver when he was hanging out doing tummy time in just a diaper. my mom commented that he could probably roll easier without clothes on...and he did seem to be more active. now he loves to flip around!

-babywearing: gus officially sits out in the ergo baby. he likes to look around and suck on the edge of the carrier while we go places, and in sunriver it was really fun to put on his babiators and go for walks in the snow.

how mama feels:

-emotionally: much better about everything. i rarely have a freak out moment...except for this month when i was expecting him to be over 15lbs at his 5 month birthday and he wasn't quite there. then i started worrying about my milk supply. silly, i know.

-physically: so, i have been about 10-11 lbs over my pre baby weight and it hasn't really felt like it will EVER come off. but when i got home from sunriver, i was down about 3 more lbs! i am starting to fit in my old clothes and it feels great. my mom and sister got apple watches, so i got their old fitbit and i swear trying to get 10k steps a day really becomes a challenge...and one that i want to achieve. i walked a lot in sunriver and i'm sure that did something to my body.   

-breastfeeding: aside from the aforementioned breastfeeding supply issue, still doing great! 

and here are some photos from our 5th month with sweet little gus!

{baby love}

{augustus southwood: month 4)