{weekend visitor and gus gets drunk}

last weekend we had the man's best friend from aussie here with us. we had a lot of fun plans, and MOST of them ended up working quite well...even with an infant.

friday night we had reservations at Beast. i had called before we were set to go to inform them that we had an infant and i would be bringing a car seat to stick in the corner. no worries...the infant would sleep the whole time being that the reservation was at 8:45 pm. the guy from the restaurant informed me that he "really thought it was best to not bring infants to dinner. there was nowhere to take them except outside if they got fussy, and there wasn't enough room to fit strollers in the restaurant." 

i was a little shocked that he had the audacity to try and push me towards not bringing our baby...but he did. even though there is no rule about it...after the conversation i knew i wouldn't enjoy dinner because i'd be so worried that if he made a peep, they would all look at me like i was ruining everyone elses experience.  

so, you won, Beast. i stayed home and the boys went out for a very nice 5 course dinner. i don't think we will be going back though. you just lost a couple good customers.

the next day we went to brunch at Irving Street Kitchen, and then walked around the farmers market and through the saturday market downtown. we were home early to get ready for MAMA'S FIRST NIGHT OUT! my parents were nice enough to come over around 5:30 to babysit Gus. And although i didn't get out of the house until 6:30....i was ready and excited for a dinner with my man and his friend. 

irving street kitchen brunch

we went to Nuestra Cocina for dinner and Bar Avignon for a pre dinner drink. i had TWO cocktails. it's so funny cause back in the day two cocktails would have been my warm up. now it was just about all i could handle without getting a tad loopy and probably making my baby drunk. jokes. but anyway.

dinner was delish and i would have stayed out longer but i wore some ADORABLE, yet painfully not broken in shoes that gave me such bad blisters i could barely walk. next time i will know better and wear comfy shoes for all night dancing. kidding...but i did want to stay out longer knowing that sweet baby Gus was in good hands.  

nuestra cocina dinner

the next morning we woke up and started to get ready to drive down to wine country for the day. it seems to be a pattern that when we have something to do, gus likes to have a blowout and insist on his outfit being changed. i had him in the cutest sailor shorts with suspenders, and white onesie with anchors on them...and he blew poop everywhere. it was sad. and then we were late.

we had plenty of time in wine country though, and hit up 2 very beautiful wineries and had a relaxing day. i nursed gus in pretty much every spot we stopped, but he was a trooper and didn't make a peep almost all day. here are a couple shots from gus's first wine tasting trip. 

the only bad part of the day was when some old lady started a conversation with us while we were trying to enjoy our wine, and by the end i wanted to back hand her.

old lady: we are taking bets on how old your son how old is he?

me: he will be 6 weeks on tuesday

old lady: really? we were all guessing 2!

me in my head: oh yeah? well...we were all taking bets on how old you how old are you? 60? oh...we all guessed 90!

that would have felt really good.  

and that was pretty much last weekend and some of gus's big firsts. he continues to be a perfect little human and we love him more and more every day. 

i'm tackling purposeful smiles this week and work outs for mama!

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{gus outtakes}