{the bump week 17...and things they don't tell you when you get pregnant}

i have to start this post with some good news! i'm not sick anymore!!!!


anyway, on to bigger (literally) and better things. week 17 of pregnancy.

here are a few pics from the week.


side note: we also went to brunch somewhere in Brooklyn and there was a street with tons of teeny tiny doors on it. these legit apartments! i clearly could never live here.


Food I like: everything. although making chicken still sorta makes me want to barf. but eating it is a-ok.

Foods I can't stand: nothing?! well...not entirely true. salads from Just Salad. i just had a little "incident" that i'll talk about in a post on it's own...but after today i don't think i'll be eating many more of these.

Sleep: crap. i'm either dreaming of my husband cheating on me, my mom AND sister hating the babies names, awake because i'm laying on my back (which is my preferred sleep position) or peeing. and i love sleep. this is hard for me. 

Exercise: nothing except the occasional walk. i would like to start swimming tho. that sounds delightful.

General Mood: emotional. bratty. worried. stressed. it's pretty much a shot in the dark what it will be every day.

Things I have been Surprised by: still the boobs. g cup people. g.  I can't believe I'm posting this...but it's ridiculous. cover your eyes. adult content. 


and this leads me to my next topic..."what people don't tell you about being pregnant."

1) boobs: I think preggies assume that their boobs will grow...but nobody ever says how much. one cup is not's more like 4 before you have the babies...and God knows how many once the milk comes in. oh, and you will need to wear a bra to bed. actually, you need to wear a bra all the time. it hurts if you don't. don't even get me started on the nipples. i think mine were replaced with brown pepperonis.

2) muscle pains in your abdomen: my mom blessed my sister and I with relatively flat maybe that's why it's more apparent on me than if I'd always had a little extra skin there. but my stomach feels like the muscles are being pulled taut over the twins, like I how imagine they make jerky over the fire.  its not enjoyable.

3) the babies moving: this part is cool. and super weird. you know what a twitch feels like? well, it's like that. all the time. i love it. 

4) needing to use a panty liner: yup. you don't have your period...but you still need these. enough said.

5) gums bleeding: i can't lie. I'm not THE BEST flosser. but these days you could call me "flossy flossy." is that a thing? anyway, the amount of blood that comes out when I floss now is crazy. i have to swish with freezing cold water for quite awhile for it to go away. apparently there's so much more blood in our preggie bodies that this is quite normal. nobody told me tho.

i think that's it for now. happy Monday, friends!


{the bump- weeks 15 and 16}