{the bump- weeks 15 and 16}

i'm trying to remember all the things about week 15 and 16...but nothing really stands out. i do remember being extremely upset when i started week 16 because i had felt bad about 4 out of the 7 days of week 15, and I was betting on feeling better that week. but the babies had other plans. 

the monday of week 16 i felt OK...not great. but as the week progressed, things started looking up.  i remember laying in bed on friday night of last week and thinking to myself that i couldn't remember having acid reflux for the past few nights.  oh  my. sweet lord. don't jinx yourself. just relish in the lack of burps.

from a weight perspective, i started week 15 at +7lbs to my starting weight, and only gained a pound by the beg of week 16. so in total i am now +8lbs to my starting weight. it's so funny to get on the scale and pray for an increase. that is so far from my usual feelings when i step on the scale, that it's both refreshing and frightening at the same time. i just want these babies to be big and strong...and i've read so many times about the correlation between mother's weight gain and twin size.  it's a definite thing. so if i have to eat another scoop of ice be it.

even though i didn't gain much weight these last couple weeks, my belly is protruding enough to make MOST of my clothes uncomfortable.  let's not get carried away, i can still fit in them with a little help from  a hair band or a belly band, but it's just not comfortable and i feel ugly. when my sister saw an instagram post of me in my regular jeans, she forced me to go to Destination Maternity ASAP.  

so, that was my sunday activity. omg. there are so many things that i love about that store. first of all, the bathrooms! they are not only everywhere, they have everything you need! secondly, there is every brand there. i bought designer jeans from AG, some basics from their private label brand, some jessica simpson maternity (that jessica. she is a little dumb, but i do like her style) Thirdly (is that even a word?) i LOVED the staff. chanette from downstairs in the designer arena, and then the manager who basically saw me naked in order to get me the right bras. she called me "steph" and was just amazing.  Fourthly (again, not a word) the dressing rooms have these faux bumps in them. you just strap them on over your current belly and then try on the clothes so you know exactly what you will look like in month 7! (or for me month 5)

anyway, now it's time to show you some pictures. i took them with with my "bigger bump" on so i could get a good idea what i was in for. here are a couple of the pieces that i ended up buying, and how i'll look in a few months.

and here's a few of my REAL growing bump.  

and then here is what i wore today. yeah yeah...technically this is week 17 but it's a nursing top and i had to laugh that i was wearing it to work!!! i also don't look pregnant at all here.

and lastly...this is cute little baby b's foot and leg. oh too cute for words. 

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