{the bump-weeks 6-12}

honestly, i had no idea what would really happen to my body during pregnancy. i've watched most of my friends and family go through it from afar, so i catch the occasional IG bump update that always looks super cute and straight out the front. most of the time in a cute outfit, hair is done, etc.

i don't know about everyone else, but putting that much effort into my "bump" exhausting. especially the first few weeks. now that we are past the 12 week hump, i will start trying a little more. cause i want to be that cute pregnant girl too.

anyway, here is an update of the last few weeks of my bump. i feel like complete poo in most of these photos, so please don't judge. oh, and note the size of my boobs! jeez louise!!!!!!!!!!!! monsters.

and for the main attraction.....


this is twinB...meaning she is up higher in my uterus. she will come out last. i keep saying she because she posed so perfectly for this photo, she must be a little diva just like her mom!

and then there's twin A, and this is the one I think is the BOY!!!! he's just chillen upside down...hanging out cause his sister is kicking him in the head. probably a sweet little boy just like the man.  

and here's their 3D picture. omg. i want to eat them already. how cute are they curled up like yin and yang? ugh. too much for this mama who started crying when the doc told us there is at least 1 boy!

and that's it folks. stay tuned for registering troubles with twins!

{the bump-weeks 13 and 14}

{week 9}