{augustus southwood: month 4)


-on his 4 month check up, he was exactly 14lbs and 25.75 inches long. He is 19th percent for weight and 76th for height. tall and skinny.

-we have weaned off the reflux medicine and he is doing great! now he just gets a probiotic and vitamin d!


i like to think that gus finally woke up from his newborn haze this month. his sleep habits changed both during the day and in the night, and he really started to let you know what he likes and doesn't like. again, it's usually a wet diaper, or hunger, or overly tired...but sometimes it's just that he wants a change of scenery.  i would still say he is an extremely happy and easy going baby...just exerting his independence. 


there is sooooo much to say about this it is going to be a long paragraph. at about 3.5 months, he started waking up every 2-3 hours at night. he would do a long stretch in the beginning of the night, and then be up at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6 ish and then 8 if i brought him into our bed during the 6 am feed. i assumed he was going through the dreaded "4 month sleep regression" but the doctor seems to think that it is due to a growth spurt. honestly, whatever it sucked. 

then he stopped doing the wake ups, but he gained another bad habit. this one was where he would be COMPLETELY asleep in the glider after falling asleep nursing, and the MOMENT i would stand up to lay him in his crib he would wake up and start to cry. he knew what was coming and he was protesting his crib.

this happened for quite a few nights, maybe a couple weeks, until i thought that sleep training was a necessary next step. he also dropped ALL his this is where it gets interesting. the book says you need to get rid of all unhealthy habits (like pacifiers, etc.) we waited until after his 4 month check up to try this method i will wait to update you next month on all the issues and how it went!


-international flight: we all went to australia to visit his grandparents on my husbands side. it was a long flight, but he did amazingly well.  the first part of this trip got it's own blog post already which is here.  i'll be updating the rest of the trip later.

-rolling: gus rolled from back to front on December 9th! he just rolled from front to back for the first time today (which will be in his firsts for his 5 month update but i didn't want to forget it here) 

-laughing: gus laughed for the first time in australia with his uncle jamie. i was downstairs getting ready for the day, and i heard what i thought was laughing...but i figured it couldn't be my son as he had never done it before! sure enough, it was him. i didn't get to see it until a couple weeks later...but i heard it so i know it happened!!!

how mama feels:

emotionally: stressed about the sleep issues and when/if/how to sleep train.    

physically: i hit some milestones in australia and ran about 4 times. my longest run was 3.3 miles and my average pace was like 9:51 for that run. i couldn't believe i got under a 10 minute mile...i was very proud of myself.  

breastfeeding: it's still easy peasy....although i have started to think about when he will be eating solids so i can lay off 1-2 feedings and get a little bit of my life (and body) back.  

and here are some photos from his fourth month!

{augustus southwood: month 5}

{augustus southwood: month 3}