{augustus southwood: month 3}


-although he didn't go to the doctor for a 3 month check up, i believe he was almost exactly 13lbs, and roughly 24 inches long.  i think this is somewhere in the 20th percentile for weight.

-he has continued on his reflux medicine, and also added in a vitamin D supplement as well as a probiotic.  this month gus decided he only needed to poop once every 5-6 days, and it really freaked me out at first. i thought for sure something was wrong. but apparently, this is totally normal for EBF babies!! i don't know how...but i guess there isn't a ton of waste so they don't need to poop as much.  i did start him on the probiotic just to help his little gastrointestinal system anyway.  


i say this every month, but gus is super fun. he will go anywhere, do anything, and really just likes to look around and get a little bit of attention. he will go to anybody that wants to hold him, and loves to just hang out on people's laps. we are so lucky. he is a sweet little babe. 


gus dropped his 1:30 feed this month, and now sleeps from about 7:30-3:30 am, then up, and back down til around 6, then up and back down til around 8. it's still pretty easy to get him back to sleep and the whole process takes about 30 minutes in the middle of the night. he also still loves to nap, but is starting to prefer napping on people instead of his bed. i know this is a problem, but he's still so little and i love holding a sleeping baby.     


-plane ride: gus and i went to NYC to meet the man on a business trip, as well as to support some of our friends running the nyc marathon. gus was just about a week and a half shy of 3 months, and was amazing on the plane. you can see about my experience here.

-grabbing: gus grabs for things and if i place them in his hand, he will hold on for dear life! i don't think he knows exactly what he's doing, because he drops without warning...but i have to give him credit for just holding on.  

-mama's night out: i went to Madonna with my girlfriends while she was here on her tour in mid October.  i was a little bit worried going into the evening, but the man reassured me that all would be ok. i left at about 6, and didn't get home until nearly 1 am! Other than Gus only getting 1 ounce of milk, he was perfectly taken care of and in bed when i arrived. i have to give mad props to my hubby, he's confident and amazing with our baby and it makes my job so much easier!!!

how mama feels:

emotionally:  i feel a lot more stable. my crazy emotions of worrying about him have really become less crazy and more just a general "i have a kid" worries.  i find myself crying because i love him so much and i hope he knows it, but it's a good cry.  

physically: i won't lie. this has been hard. i started having pretty intense joint pain and just felt like it would be MUCH easier to get back on track. but it hasn't been. i took my first spin class in almost exactly one year, and i could barely do the standing climbs. i kept having to modify and take breaks...which i'm NOT USED TO....and i made it through the class but i wasn't proud.  i know it will all get better, but i just didn't think i was THIS OUT OF SHAPE!!!  

breastfeeding: i feel like i don't even need to talk about this anymore. what can i say? we are masters now, and i do it anywhere and everywhere!

and here are some photos from his third month!

{augustus southwood: month 4)

{augustus southwood: month 2}