{augustus southwood: month 2}


-at his 2 month checkup he was 10 lbs, 13 ounces and 23.3 inches long. this was 14th percent for weight and 58th percent for height. seems like he may be a long lanky thing.

-he stayed on his reflux medicine and it helped tremendously. we didn't go in to the hospital or doctor nearly at all this month, and things really went smoother in regards to general health for gus he's never been a sick kid...but the jaundice was a bit of an issue for awhile.  


gus is still a really chill baby. we take him everywhere, including a solo trip to the beach with mama, wine tasting and numerous dinners out.  he rarely ever cries and when he does, it's because he is either hungry, has a burp, has gas, is tired, or has a dirty diaper! it's pretty easy to calm him and i still think that he is perfect :)


gus is still an amazing sleeper. he takes great naps during the day, and sleeps long chunks at night. he still can't make it up much past 7:30...but his first wake is usually around 1:30 am and then he is up every 2-3 hours. i can't complain as he falls asleep really quickly after eating too.  


-smiles: gus first smiled at just around 9 weeks old. now it's a regular occurrence.  i swear he has the cutest smile in the world.

-the beach: gus and i went to the beach this month with a bunch of friends. it was the first road trip by ourselves and he did, like always, amazingly.   

-a passport: gus got his passport photos taken and then applied for a US Passport.  i seriously thought i was going to die when we were taking his photos.  it's extremely difficult to get a baby to open his eyes, not cry, and look straight into the camera so that both ears are showing!!! who knew they had such strict rules for infants. sorry america, i'm pretty sure my baby isn't going to bring any weapons on a plane! 

-new stroller chair: we changed the stroller and took off the bassinet and put on the chair that reclines or sits up depending on what he's doing. he LOVES it! he can see so much better and really sits in hit nicely. i'm so glad that we got a stroller that adapts for all his ages!

how mama feels:

emotionally:  i think it might just be "my thing" to worry about my child all the time. but that's basically how i would characterize this month. i bought a scale and started weighing him obsessively because i thought he wasn't getting enough to eat, and my milk was drying up. i swear sometimes i just need things to worry about.  anyway, i was weighing him like 3-4 times a day after eating. if he hadn't gained at least 3 oz, i was panicking that my milk was drying up. my mom and sister knocked some sense into me and told me to only weigh him once a week, but of course i still weigh him more but i'm getting better :)

physically: shortly after i go the OK on my 6 month post partum check, i got on the treadmill to see how things would feel. i can't even explain the way my legs felt as i tried to run (and i say "run" but what i really should say is "fast walk" as i couldn't do much better than a 12 minute mile!) and my legs were like old wooden stumps with cement blocks on the bottom of them. i was not only rickety, but also it felt like i was trying to life dead weight. honestly, i wanted the cry the whole time. i didn't go back and do it for a couple more weeks. so, let's just say that these last 10 lbs are hanging on for a little more time.   

breastfeeding: i think gus and i finally got on a roll with breastfeeding. i'm not going to lie, it's really really hard...but something clicked this month and we both are doing much better. i'm still not THAT comfortable doing it out because i swear the cover is really annoying....but we are getting the hang of it.  i'm so glad that i didn't quit. i owe it all to my lactation lady at St. V's. she literally SAVED me. i love her.  

that's about it. sweet baby gus is still as sweet and amazing as ever. we love him so much. 

here is the good stuff...the pictures!

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