{aussie vacation: travel day from LAX to Sydney, then onto melbourne}

first off, we have the most amazing baby in the world! he flew for over 20 hours with 3 flights and 2 layovers and barely made a peep. i shouldn't say this...but i'm not surprised. he doesn't cry unless he wants something and it's usually something that can be figured out pretty easy. diaper. food. tired. 

but since we didn't know how he would react to a 14 hour flight, i am so grateful to say that he did an amazing job and everyone on the plane thought the same thing too.  it makes a mama feel good when people are walking off the plane saying "your baby is amazing. he was so good the whole time." 

before takeoff...he passed out and was really relaxed. this was basically how he stayed for all 3 flights...except with a change of clothes.

since we had a longer layover in LAX, i got in touch with a friend that lives there since she just had a baby and i was dying to talk all about motherhood and babies with her.  her husband was nice enough to pick us up at the airport and take us home to have dinner with them before we got on our long flight to sydney. 

it was such a great visit, and i couldn't believe how teeny tiny her baby was compared to gus. it's amazing how much they really do change. she looks beautiful and is doing such a good job being that babies mama. muah, julie. we love you!

julie and i with our sweet baby boys, dane and gus. love them.  

after a nice visit and a quick dinner, we went back to LAX to board our long flight to sydney. oh, i forgot to mention that gus had a pee blowout on our first flight to we were down 1 outfit already. i had 2 pairs of leggings and 2 onesies in my bag for a change of clothes, but both leggings were too small! so our little boy went pantless all the way from america to australia. balla.  

like i said, he was basically like this the whole flight. i love this little muffin.

since gus now only poops about once every 4-6 days, we were nervous that he would poop on the flight and soil his LAST onesie. thankfully, the little man decided not to poop until RIGHT before we were boarding our flight to melbourne...the LAST LEG! we were in line about to board and we both heard what we believed was a poop. the man stuck his pointer finger in the diaper to take a peek, and it seeped out before he had time to get his finger out. this is probably TMI, but i have to post this pic. i have never laughed so hard in my life. he did NOT LIKE IT ON HIS FINGER. but gus sure had some big smiles after unleashing that mess!

once we landed in melbourne, we were at our destination! it was a long 20+ hours, but i am so proud of my baby and glad it's over! next up on the holiday!

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