{mama's instinct}

i want to remember these last few weeks specifically because so much has happened with gus. he's changed a lot and is now much more alert and he's even smiling intentionally now..but i'll leave that to his formal 2 month check in.  

what i do want to remember is the instinct that i've now learned to trust when dealing with my baby boy.  everyone always says that a mama knows their child the best...and i now can totally agree with this statement. 

it all started when i noticed gus making some strange noises when he was nursing and pulling off sooner than i thought he was ready. then when i would change him between boobs, he would burp up milk, but keep it in his mouth and swallow it. his face would turn sour and he would look very uncomfortable. when i went into the lactation lady to discuss his squirming, sounds and pulling off, she said that he seemed to be struggling with acid reflux. i had thought that while watching him struggle, but was reaffirmed when she thought so too.

before going straight to the doctor, i wanted to try some home remedies to see if it would help.  i lifted his bed to an angle, held him upright after feeds, and tried gripe water pretty religiously.  none of these seemed to help THAT much, so i made an appointment with the pediatrician.

this is where the story turns into a great lesson learned for me. the pediatrician said that because he wasn't spitting up, he didn't have reflux. and then he laughed at me for questions i asked and things i brought up. i not only left the office feeling silly, but also defeated and unsure about what we had decided.  

the next couple of days, i watched as his symptoms remained, and one day he seemed to be struggling with this is when i knew that i had to do something. i called back and demanded the meds to help poor gus with his guts.  after a couple days of questions, and back and forth with the nurses from the pediatricians clinic....i got the meds.

gus has now been on them for almost a week, and things seem to be getting better. i don't think that the dose is quite strong enough, but i'm waiting until his well baby appointment to talk to the doc about upping the quantity.  i'm so glad that i went with my gut and demanded something to help my little guy.

the sad thing is, i won't be going back to that pediatrician. well, i guess it's sad for him.  he made me feel very uncomfortable, stupid, and like a worried mama that shouldn't ask dumb questions. i can't believe that a pediatrician would make a first time mom feel this way. it's absurd. part of their job is to deal with the mom's who just want the best for their children, and know that first time moms are going to have a lot of concerns that may be completely ridiculous...but at the time feel like the biggest deals in the world!

i've talked extensively to the my friends about this, and they all say how amazing it is that a mama knows their baby better than anyone. if you think something is wrong, trust your instinct and know that you are there to speak for them and help them to grow and thrive. 

as my lactation lady said, "don't mess with mama bear!"

and i'll leave you with some shots that i took yesterday of my sweet little boy. (i finally got my good camera out and can't wait to keep taking amazing photos!)

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