{flying solo}

last week gus and i went to nyc. 


the man traveled yesterday for work, so gus and i followed him today.  

i had no idea what it would be like traveling with an 11 week old, so i mentally prepped for a tough day, and was pleasantly surprised. mostly because i have an amazing baby that loves to sleep, eat, smile and play...and doesn't love to cry.  i feel like i'm asking for it as since i just put that into print.  

i will say that i did learn quite a few things, and definitely did not look the part of a "put together" mama!  we made it ,but it was not without it's hiccups.  here are a few things that i learned from my first solo flight with an infant (these are in no particular order)

1) wear a shirt that has pockets. i don't care where the pockets are, but i wore a button down denim shirt that has pockets on the chest area, perfect for a soothie. if your kid takes a pacifier, there are no good places to "set one down" while they are sleeping, or soothing themselves in other ways. enter, the shirt pocket. it's the perfect pouch for an unused soothie, that may need to be called on anytime.

2) bring a pillow: i don't care if this is a boppy, or a travel sized pillow that you get at the airport...if you have an infant you will need it for support of YOUR arm. i was so lucky today because the woman behind me offered me her pillow after i asked the flight attendant for one and they didn't have any. my arm was falling asleep and i was too scared to move gus for fear that he'd wake up and wreak havoc. this woman gave me this awesome one that looked like a log, but thicker. it was perfect to stuff underneath my arm for support. a must have!

3) dress in layers: this was my mistake today.  airplanes are always changing temperature so it's good even if you aren't nursing and holding a baby the whole flight.  when we got on, i was sweating. then when we took off i was freezing, and then i was sweating again. i pitted out. nothing else to say on that.

4) don't be afraid to ask for help: i was lucky enough to have people offer to help me, but i would not have been shy to ask for it too. i had a paranoid moment before i got on the plane about going to the bathroom. since i'm nursing, i'm also drinking a lot of water. with the water comes a lot of bathroom breaks. where was i supposed to put gus while i peed? oh, yeah. there isn't a spot.  i envisioned asking the flight attendants, but the man behind me offered to hold gus so i took him up on it. he offered. i said yes. otherwise i'd have a bladder infection right now.

5) wear a nursing scarf: although i love my "tit shroud" (nickname per the man) i was really happy that i wore one of these on the flight. it was better because instead of getting up and down trying to find my cover, i was able to just use my scarf and then wear it when i was done.  plus it doubled as a blanket for when gus was sleeping.

6) nurse: terrible to say, but every time i THOUGHT gus was going to get fussy...i stuck a boob in his mouth. obviously, nurse for takeoff and landing...but any other time you can get it it helps them sleep, relax, and just be good travelers!

7) bring galloon size ziploc bags: i still have no solve for the fact that there is nowhere to change a baby on a plane. so, i took my chances and told myself that i would only change him if he had a poop. i changed him right before we got on the plane, and then prayed that it would hold until the end. and for the most part, it did. except when we pulled into the gate and he finally blew out. his diaper was just too full. so, i got off the plane with pee and poop on the bottom of my shirt, and a big wet spot from spit up on my boob (which strategically placed itself to look like i had leaked. ugh)  when i went into the terminal bathroom, i realized that in order to save his outfit, i had to wash it out and then put it somewhere which didn't affect any of the other clothes. enter the need for a ziploc bag. but i didn't have one. so the outfit went into the trash. sad sad sad.  here's a pic of it all crumpled on it's way to death.  

other than that, i would say just pray. pray that you have nice people surrounding you, and that your baby zens out to the white noise and just sleeps. pray that he doesn't take a poo and that if he does, someone will help you figure out how to change him. 

all in all, we have an amazing baby. we got so lucky and i can't believe how well he traveled. hopefully, this is an omen to all his days of traveling.

my fingers are crossed for our trip to australia in less than a week. i think we have a rad baby and that he's going to do great!

(me and gus on the flight while he's nursing, gus laying on my lap, and gus after the flight with the wings that he earned)

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