{friday recap: gus threads #1}

i was lucky enough to get a shi#load of clothes from my sister as she has two little boys that are 3 and 1.  she also has amazing taste, so a lot of what gus wears i can't take credit for. but there are a few things that i've picked up, and i like to believe that the combination of his outfits comes from my particular style. 

it's so fun to play dress up with a baby. they can't tell you they don't like it...and just about everything looks adorable on them.  i didn't think i'd enjoy dressing up a boy as much as a girl, but when gus arrived, i found that was definitely not the case! the only thing i'd love it if someone made...would be infant boys headbands. not sure what they'd look like...but probably be bandana styles like mini brett michaels :)

anyway, in order for me to be able to look back and remember what gus wore, i decided i'd do a friday recap of the week prior, with a picture of him each day. most of his outfits are old/hand-me-downs, but when there is something new or particularly cute, i will link to where you can get one of your own! sorry...the cute babe is not for sale though!

*this first post is not everything he wore this last week, just some shots that i've taken over the last couple months of cute outfits! next week will be better!

this last outfit was from aden and anais (you can find their line here), their new line of clothing is amazing because it's so soft and very cute. he wore it twice before it got too small. tear.

and his cool aztec leggings are from Little Nugget Republic. she hand makes everything and is a one woman show. quite amazing. 


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