{1st anniversary}

we celebrated our second "first anniversary" this past weekend on the 18th.  it was our second celebration because we technically got married on june 30th at the courthouse in manhattan, but we didn't have a ceremony with all our friends and family until october 18th. the man considers this our anniversary, and i consider june 30th our anniversary.  that means we have to celebrate twice. i'm not complaining.

my parents came down and babysat little gustav and we went out to dinner and drinks. it was a sunday night, so things were pretty mellow in downtown portland, but i got to go to two places i'd never been before. we had pre dinner drinks at shift bar, then wandered down to tasty n alder for dinner.  we were laughing at drinks because we both ordered different cocktails, but then decided to switch because we liked the others better. sweet. i know.

we ate too much at dinner, but since it was our anniversary, i didn't feel bad. two serving of the hush puppies was well deserved. and i'm still thinking about the octopus. oh, the octopus.

the best part was when we exchanged cards. mine was about 30 lines long trying to explain how much i loved and appreciate him, and his was only 3 lines that summed it up perfectly. i'm lucky that my husband has a way with words and is able to convey his sentiments so concisely.  me on the other hand is a blubbering mess. i guess that's why we fit together.

i'm still amazed that 3.5 years ago i moved across the country to start a new job and new life, and now i'm back here in the city i grew up in with an amazing husband who has given me a beautiful baby boy.  sometimes i need to pinch myself because life doesn't suck. it doesn't suck at all. i'm so lucky.

so, for our anniversary, here is us on october 18th one year ago....

and here is us now. oh, how things have changed. 

it just keeps getting better!


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