{my must have baby list-the first 9 weeks}

i know that everyone has a list of their top baby items, but i thought that i'd throw my opinion into the world of all things baby...because why not?!  you never know what you are going to like/dislike until your little one arrives, but you learn pretty quickly what works for you. so, here's my list so far of my favorite things over the past 9 weeks. (note: this doesn't include clothes, or mama essentials. i'm saving those for another post)

1) Wubbanub: we have this longhorn. gus doesn't like it as much as he just likes regular soothies, but i know that he will someday so i put it on there. plus, it's so much cuter than the green hospital ones. fyi...they now make pink and purple soothies in case you have a girl. i saw them here and wanted to buy one just so gus had something other than green. but i didn't.  i also just saw that they have them in a bear face instead of just round. i may have to purchase a couple.

2) bath sponge: this sponge has saved us. we have an 4mom's bath and it's amazing...but when gus was born he flopped all around in it. this thing is cheap and keeps them in one spot as well as keeping them warm. genius.

3) honest co wipes: i went back and forth on wipes....but after some research and polling my friends, i found that the honest co wipes were the least chemical-ey. they also are super thick so they NEVER break...unless sometimes i only need to use a half and then i have to really try hard to break them. i was at nordstrom changing him, and a girl that works there said she and her friends use them on their face to get the makeup off. haha. they MUST be low chemical then.

4) KB Cute swaddles and matching hat: this is what we took home gus from the hospital in over a white onesie. they are not only cute, but they have the perfect amount of stretch for awesome swaddling. the man is the swaddle pro in our house, and before gus was big enough for the sleep sacks...we just used these every night. 

5) Nose Frida: what can i say? i use this thing at least twice a day. he's sick right now, and i honestly think i've used it 4 times already this morning. it's amazing. you would not believe the amount of snot you will get out of this.

6) Solly Baby Wrap: i have the mint one and i keep it in my diaper bag. it's super light weight, stretchy, and can be doubled as a scarf in a pinch.  i've had several moms stop me and ask me what kind it is because they think it looks a lot lighter than other ones (specifically the moby wrap) and it is! gus loves it and i plan on using it up until he won't be worn anymore!

7) Zutano Booties: my sister gave me a pair of infant ones that were her boys, and i love them. they are the only thing that doesn't fall off gus's feet. enough said.

8) Stokke Xplory Stroller: i swear. this was a major luxury purchase...but i honestly cannot imagine our life without it.  it's the best. people stop me at least 3 times when i'm out walking with it. it's been called "futuristic" and "super cool." and it is. we love it. it can also have a kick board added to it for when the time comes for another baby. done and done.

9) Halo Sleep Sack: this was a game changer for us after we stopped using the KB Cute swaddle blankets. it zips from the bottom so you don't have to do much for a middle of the night diaper change. it also keeps him extremely warm and happy...and MOST of the time he can't get an arm out. although i think we have a little houdini on our hands and sometimes he breaks free. game changer for sleeping longer stretches.  

and that's it folks. i'm sure his needs will change a lot over the course of the next few i'll update my must have's once i learn a bit more.

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