{we are having a baby}

let me start at the beginning.

we found out we were pregnant WAY early. almost accidentally.  i took a pregnancy test because i'm crazy and thought..."i'll just take one tonight while sammi is out of town so he can't make fun of me." low and behold before i had even put the CAP back on...their was a faint blue line. WTF? 

since he was flying and somewhere over middle america...i texted him a picture and said..."um..." he responded and said..."are you seriously texting me this right now?!" and I said "yes." 

i took about 3 more pregnancy test including a digital one that screams PREGNANT at you, and was finally convinced i must be.  for any of you avid "trying to conceiver's" (ttc'ers) here is where i will start to use those acronyms that we all love. i was only 8 dpo, and 5 days until my missed period and it came up positive. holy poopsickle. implantation doesn't happen until days 8-10, right? wowza.  then i had a moment of "what if this is twins and that's why it's reading so early?!" but shortly put that question out of my head and went on my merry way of just being pregnant!

sammi got home, i took a blood test and an hcg level test with my doctor on saturday (first positive pregnancy test was Thursday) and my hcg levels were 93 with a progesterone level of 55.9. 

def preggers. woot. 

i took another blood test on the monday afterward and my levels were 255 with a progesterone level of 53.9.  my hcg levels more than doubled in the 48 hours since the first test, which was great because it meant a viable pregnancy. DOUBLE WOOT.

the rest is sort of a blur. we went to australia, we were both deathly ill with the flu for a week, then i got morning sickness (it's really all day sickness) and haven't felt good since.   that's what this post is really about. 

holy crapballs. wtf is morning sickness and why does it suck SOOOOOOO BADDDDLLLLYYY? 

i have never been so sick and uncomfortable in my life. everything hurts. my boobs, my stomach, and my head.  speaking of my boobs...these things are out of control. i imagine they have already gone up a whole cup. i also imagine that they will continue on this rate for quite awhile and a few more cups will be added. by that time, i will be just a walking boob and baby tree.  people told me that they hurt...but getting up to pee in the middle of the night and holding your boobies because they hurt so badly that you can't turn on the light or wipe?! what's that about? i think they have even woken me up with sharp and sudden pains. it's unbelievable.

i'm in week 8 as i type this, and haven't gained any weight. i actually weighed myself this morning and weigh 154.8 lbs.  at the end of my whole 30 mentioned here, i weighed 153.6. that's how sick i've been. nothing sounds good. everything makes me want to vom, and i fall asleep on the couch at 8 pm. 

the man is sooooo lucky.

here are some fun little facts so far:

Food I like: cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese from a box, saltines, pizza, gyoza, mexican food minus chicken (really beans and rice and tortillas and cheese), hot sauce, rice in all forms, veggie sushi, mcdonalds cheeseburgers.  

Foods I can't stand: Veggies (except MAYBE sweet potatoes), salads, meat in general, sweets (specifically chocolate), and everything else not mentioned on the above list.

Sleep: i cant sleep on my belly anymore cause my boobs hurt so badly. it sucks. i just bought one of these

Exercise: what is that again? oh yeah...i'm not doing it right now.

General Mood: sleepy. and sickly. oh god the first tri is hard.

Things I have been Surprised by: how dumb i am, and how morning sickness is super legit. these women are not crying wolf. it's the worst...but the outcome is probably the best.

i think that's it for now.

but did i mention that it's TWINS? i guess not yet. i'll leave that for another post. :)



{week 9}

{october 18th}