this park has a special spot for both the man and i. we got engaged the night of our first visit. i had no idea why he wanted someone to take a picture of the two of us that we usually just do selfie's...but it all makes sense now.  anyway, i digress.

i wear the shi& out of these pants. they are going to need replacing soon. it's almost embarrassing how yellow (actually black) the bottom of these jeans are (i heart editing pictures.) anyway, i think they are either a version of these, or these. i can't remember for the life of me which ones they are, and since i'm typing this at work when i should be working, i can't run in my closet and check.

my outfits this summer have been very minimal, and then i'll just add on some cool accessory like a hat, funky necklace or a bazillion bracelets. i may even do a couple of those at the same time, or sometimes all 3 together. 

i know....rebel.

this last one was when i got behind the camera and let the man show me how to do a photo sesh in cute clothes. he was laughing so hard whilst making fun of me. this captured his joyful spirit...and i love his shoes :)

hat: wallaroo hat company

top: bloomingdales

bag: Fossil

photos courtesy of sammi needham @sideshow alley

{wedding-sneak peak}

{whole30-the results}