{whole30-the results}

yesterday was my last day on whole30, so today i am a free woman! i realize i'm supposed to be excited about it, but i'm actually really scared. they (the whole 30 gods) say that it's pretty normal to feel this way as you are so used to the rules...being left alone to eat whatever you want is almost intimidating.  

i did read this yesterday and it made me feel A LOT better. i think that they are so smart and realistic over there at whole30. and i know that anytime i feel myself falling back into bad habits...i just do a reset and i always have the program to fall back on.  

but this morning i stayed on plan. i had a larabar and an egg for breakfast and i just ate some nuts for a snack.  i also packed myself a compliant lunch of a veggie salad, egg, and some cherries. even though i could have technically had pancakes for didn't sound enticing at all. 

strange how your tastebuds can even change. 

so you could say for the moment i'm staying close to the last 30 days of habit.

but i am sort of looking forward to that nice cold glass of rose.

i will say that i did wake up a little anxious to get on the scale and take my measurements. i'm so glad that i took all of these stats before, because although the scale didn't move that significantly, my clothes fit completely differently and you can see a real difference in my before and after photos. i'm also glad that i didn't get on the scale midway because 6.5 lbs doesn't sound like a lot...but it sure does change the way i look and feel. 

and it hits me hard that "it's not about the scale."

so...drumroll please......

stats on day 1:

  • 40.5 hip
  • 21.5 thigh
  • 28 waist
  • 35.5 bust
  • 10.5 arm
  • 159.8 lbs

stats now on day 30:

  • 39.5 hip (lost 1 inch)
  • 21.3 thigh (lost .2 inches)
  • 27.5 waist (lost .5 inches)
  • 34 bust (lost 1.5 inches)
  • 10 arm (lost .5 inches)
  • 153.4 lbs (lost 6.5 lbs)

and here are the before and after photos. (sorry about the slightly x rated...i just wanted it to be as raw as possible)  

and that's it folks! again, i would HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE. if you have questions, shoot me a message.

happy eating.


{whole 30-day 30}