{road trip: natchez nuptials day 1}

i'm going to try and cover our road trip in several posts, as it's much too long to put in just one.  so, here is part 1.  

we flew down to baton rouge, louisiana early saturday morning. we had a short layover in atlanta (hotlanta is what i like to call it) and then made it to our destination by 10am.  during our short stop in hotlanta, we got a 5 guys veggie burger and a small fries. (i was testing how hard it was going to be for me to eat vegan while we traveled in the south.  so seeing that they offered a veggie burger at 5 guys was hopeful that i was going to be able to get by!)

after we got our rental car, we headed out for the quick drive to natchez, mississippi. aside from a start down the wrong side of the road (and thus against traffic) the man did really well behind the driver's seat. of course i was back seat (or passenger seat) driving, so it wasn't an easy feat!

i was overly excited to get to natchez because the reason that we went was to attend a wedding of one of my old friends from Semester at Sea. i was not only dying to see them (some it had been about 9 years) but i was also excited for the man to meet this wonderful group of people.   we pulled up to our hotel (ahem...motel) and were less than happy. it was only 90 bucks with tax for the night, so i should have assumed it was terrible...but i wasn't expecting it to be this bad. i couldn't stop thinking about Dallas Buyers Club the whole time we were there because it reminded me of where he first started his biz. here are a few photos:

pretty bad, huh? but it was a i can't complain.

we threw our bags in the room and headed immediately to the Under the Hill Saloon to meet up with all my friends.  a bit of historical knowledge: apparently Mark Twain would stay in the room above the saloon when he was in town...and drink at the bar and write some of his famous novels.  i think the only place in natchez that i read about and wanted to go to, so it worked out perfectly!  this is the view from the front of the bar. pretty spectacular, that Mississippi River.

i wanted to look my best for the first meeting with my friends, but after an early morning and then 6 hours of traveling and no time to shower, it wasn't going to happen. i'm so glad that i didn't because i would have missed out on a lot of fun! 

after some weird mexican food (and by weird, i mean i asked for no cheese on my nachos, just chips and veggies, and the girl said "oh yeah...we can do that. there are TONS of veggies on the nachos so you will be fine without the cheese. but what she really meant was..."there are canned olives, canned diced tomatoes, and onion." last time i checked, that wasn't a TON of veggies. but whatever. it was tipsy food)  we got cleaned up and ready for the wedding reception. the ceremony was a small one, with just family, so we just had to attend the fun party. totally fine by me. 

we waited in a parking lot for a long time for the shuttle. so, we of course had to have some photo ops.  these are some of my favorites...especially the ones with all us girls and just clifton. what a gem, that guy.  (make sure you scroll to the right on this gallery of us girls. there are some great ones where we are all laughing. pure joy!)

when we finally pulled up to the wedding, we saw this. 


and then we walked into this amazing party...but not before i could get a few shots of the house. oh, and that outfit looks a little risque for the event...but i promise you...that skirt was up underneath my top MOST of the night.

and then the night went something like this. 

saser's...i miss you all. so much. you are all such great people. we have a bond that connects us all. i'm so happy to see you all happy and well.

oh, what a night.

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