{the dinner}

so a couple of weeks ago, we went to a cabin in woodstock.  (if you haven't been to woodstock, you must go. it's a super cute town with tons of eclectic jewerly shops, which i personally loved!)  the cabin was awesome.  it was exactly what you would imagine a cabin in the woods to be like. cozy, a big fireplace, a big table and dining area. perfect for our needs.  the weather wasn't awesome, but we made the best of it and even got in a 6 mile hike. 

the whole weekend is a post in itself, but what came out of the cabin weekend was something i'd been hoping for for quite some time. drum roll please....

a book club!

there were 5 girls at the cabin...and we all got on really well. i'm fairly certain (no, wait...i AM certain) that i'm the oldest one by about 3 years. sidenote: i remember my last really consistent book club in san francisco...where i was the youngest by about 3-4 years and i thought they were all so old. well, they were only 30 then. and i'm 32. ruh roh.

anyhoo...we decided to read this book called The Dinner, by Herman Koch. i can't remember exactly how this came about, but there was a long list that was whittled down to a handful of books that none of us had read. this happened to be one of the first on the list. 

i wasn't sure what i was expecting...but this book delivered far more than i was anticipating.  i'm really on a reading kick (i read both ways on the subway to and from work) but i haven't felt like this about a book in a long time.  i was drunk on it. i wanted it all the time. i remember standing on the platform waiting for the subway and hoping that i had just missed a train so i'd have to wait for the next one and get to read longer.  

if you haven't read We Need to Talk About Kevin, then you are missing out.  Another fabulous read.  The reason i bring this up is because The Dinner reminded me a lot of WNTTAK....except in the adult version. i don't want to give it away, but there was also a portion of the story dedicated to hereditary neurological issues, and the effect on behavior that has. it was one of those books that made me say things like this to the man before bed:

me: know how sometimes i get really really angry and can't control myself? do you have any weird traits like that?

the man: um...i don't think so. have you ever seen me really mad?

me: nope. good. phew....and you know how people say that you are inbred because you are from tasmania...that's not true, right?

the man: (laughing) you seriously think i am inbred, don't you? 

me: well...

the  man: what is causing all of this?

me: i'm reading that book and the parents basically shouldn't have had kids because one of them had really bad traits and then the kid did something really bad and they all have to deal with it. what if we have kids and they are sociopaths? my anger can get really intense...

the man: don't worry about it. i'm sure our kids will be fine. you will just have to not get so angry once we have a kid (big smile)

me: ok. if i'm not working, then i won't be so angry (big smile)

and that was the extent of our "book club outside of book club" discussion.

i cannot wait for more in depth (and less silly) talks about this book. it's simply amaze. 

i think i read it in about 5 days.

what's the last book you read that you loved? 


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