{weekend roundup}

there is no real order or theme to this post. it's basically just a weekend roundup of the things that we did, some meals that i made, and a few cute pictures. 

i'll start with thursday night. we went out for one of the man's coworkers going away parties. but she wasn't the one that really had a good time. it was me. for some reason, i got this crazy idea that i was really GOING OUT that night. a few drinks and no dinner later, the man and i were both feeling it. that's when we stepped into the photo booth and took these little gems.

and no, we DID NOT get engaged.  i guess we thought it was pretty funny to fake it though.

i'm still waiting.

although it was a great night, let's just say that i was less than 100% on friday. whoops. sorry, macy's.

friday night was supposed to be an early dinner and then home, but we went out with another couple who wanted to celebrate the wife's new job. so, we went to dinner here, and although it was an adorable place with a great menu, waiting 2.5 hours and not being seated until 11 pm is not my cup of tea. i literally ended up sleeping through the entire next day.  

and it was a gorgeous gorgeous day.  

i suck.  

i did manage to run out and go grocery shopping on saturday afternoon. i was skimming through this new FAVORITE cook book of mine and i found a recipe called a "pizza bowl." basically it's just a bunch of delicious stuff on top of rice, with a yummy homemade cashew tomato sauce. i swear...this cookbook could be the result of 20lbs on me. it's 100% vegan, but it's soooo yummy that i want to eat WAY too much food.

anyway, i took a few photos with my iphone while i was cooking, but these do not do it justice. the recipe calls for vegan sausage, red onion, kale and garlic, and then on top of the brown rice olives,  and the homemade sauce...but we added pineapple for a little bit of a fruit kick. i think it was the best touch!

i made a double batch of the sauce in case i wanted to use it on something else this week, but i think it was a little too much. i wouldn't double it again, but i would make this recipe 100 times over.  

after that wonderful meal we watched a movie that i would NOT recommend. it was called inside Lewyin or something like that. it was about a struggling folk musician in the 1960's in greenwich village. i don't even want to write about it because i had such high hopes for it and it was blah. not good. anyway, because we went to bed early we were able to get up and go for a long run.  honestly, i can't remember the last time i went for a run outside. it's shameful. i think it's because i think it's pretty pointless. i feel like HIIT training is the way to go.  i want to be sore. i have done a couple Insanity workouts, and i'm always so sore afterwards.  isn't that how it's supposed to be? 

and then i followed it up with some vegan pancakes made from isa's gem of a cookbook again. seriously, these pancakes were an inch thick and super fluffy. my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  

and that's it, folks. our weekend in a wrap!  sorry for the quality of the photos...but i was too hungry to get my nice camera out before taking a bite!

happy sunday. goodnight!

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