{mr. banana man}

the mornings are really hard for me.  hard in general. (and no, that is not a pun based on the remainder of this post.) i hate getting up, and let's be honest...i don't LOVE going to work every day. but i have to do it.

the wild card is the subway.  will it be crowded, hot, cold, empty, filled with crazy people asking for money?! you never can tell.  

well, a couple days ago i experienced a first.  i was able to snatch a seat which was pretty great because i can read my book a lot easier. (note: i've been reading every day to and from work and have managed to finish 3 books so far this calendar year! yay me. one of my goals for 2014 i'm actually accomplishing.)  anyway, i sat down and opened my book...very excited about the next 18 minutes of bliss. 

and then this guy walked on, stopped directly in front of me, turned, and faced me straight on without even the slightest bit of an angle.  



i'm not going to lie, it was a bit distracting. he was about 5 inches from my face. literally. 

i could be a little bit picky about personal space, but i did not appreciate this. funny, yes,

thanks, mr. banana man, at least you gave me something to write about on my blog.


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