{our house-bedroom}

i've been meaning to take some pictures of our house as we get further along in fixing it up, but it's taken so long for everything to come together. i think we are pretty close to our bedroom being done, so i thought i would start there.

i have to admit that i got a new camera (yes...a dslr) and these were really my first shots. i am not very good at it yet, but in time i will be a lot better. anyway, that's my disclosure for this post. 

the first thing that i did was paint a wall. i despise white walls, so i painted it a nice blue. it was a pottery barn color from a couple years ago, so i figured it would still be cool.  and then i had to decide what to put on it.  i ordered some letters from anthropologie that spell out LOVE (yes, i am a total cheese ball when it comes to quotes and words. the gushier the better.)  and everything else we had! it was just a matter of arranging them in a unique way.  here is a collage of the before, planning, and then the after.


now, for a look at the total space. it's hard to say our style (actually, let's be honest...this room has girl written all over it.) i feel like the room is much less cluttered than i am used to. i like things all over the wall, knick knacks, colors, pillows...but i've toned it down a bit since living with a boy. 

i'll start as if you're walking into the room. first you see my favorite piece in the house. it's an old dresser that i painted aqua, and then put new knobs on. i found it in portland, so it made the trip across the US with me. i love that all my jewelry fits on top. 


the next is our bed. i know, it looks huge. well, that's cause it it. it's a california king...and i love every inch of it. the only reason i have a california king is because i have a major issue with my feet hitting the end of the bed. if you don't know, a california king is 2 inches longer and actually 2 inches narrower. so it's perfect for me!  anyway, i love getting in bed. in fact, it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. sleeping is definitely one of the best things...especially when i get to cuddle up to the man. 


clearly, my side is on the right, and his is on the left. he has the stereo, the plain lamp, and the mess...which i have everything a girl news...a book, glasses, hand cream, smelly linen spray for when you change the bed, a cute lamp, fat girl slim, retainers, ear plugs, chapstick, and a mugshot of the man. duh. please ignore the wrinkled bed spread :)


here's his side.


now it comes to the clothes and shoes. we have a walk in closet (pictured on the right), but if you can believe's not enough storage for all of our stuff!  the man has over 100 pairs of his shoes. i have about 20 pairs...something seems off, right? evidence follows:


and lastly...the wall of LOVE.  there are several pictures on it that are sentimental to us (or maybe me :)) like the note from the first time we went on a trip together and i sat in the back of the plane because he and his buddy got upgraded, or our profiles from a man in thailand, and especially the drawing that was made by haley when we were paired up during my first shared blogging experience courtesy of Snail Mail Collective.  

anyway, that's about it. i hope you liked the first bit of our work in progress apartment.  there will be more to come. happy sunday, folks!


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