today i FINALLY heard back from a company that i didn't get a job i applied for. 

i received the system generated email that "they were pursuing other candidates." and when i read it, my stomach dropped. 

the interview was sometime in september, but since then i had been back and forth with the HR girl and she kept saying that they were still in the interview process and to hang tight. the longer it went, the less hopeful i was. but there was still a piece of me that did have hope.

it's funny because i've always thought that i was fairly good at my job, and always a great candidate who interviewed exceptionally well. before i left portland, there wasn't one job interview that i went on (besides this one sales job that was literally terrible because i had no idea what a sales job truly entailed) that i didn't get an offer from.  maybe that skewed my view of going on interviews and how easy it was to get jobs? i don't know. but it's definitely not the same here.

since i've lived in nyc, i've been on 3 LEGIT interviews.

I haven't gotten ANY of them.

i can't believe i just admitted that on a public blog. oh well. honesty, people...honesty.  

anyway, it just reaffirms that NYC is tough. NYC is competitive. Everyone in NYC is at the top of their game. Honestly, I always say to myself that if I can make it in NYC, I can make it anywhere. The competition is stronger, the people are more driven, and you have to fight for everything you get (from a subway spot, to your line at trader joes, to jobs.) 

i guess the bottom line of this post is that even though i didn't get this job...every interview i go on i'm learning something. and every time i receive an email saying "we are pursuing other candidates" i have to remember that in a city of 8.5 million people, i'm not the only one receiving that email.  

and i have a job. so what am i complaining about? i guess it's just the nyc in me that always wants something more challenging, something different, something that taps into ALL my talents and what i'm really good at. 

but then again, i work on a pretty great team, with a great boss, and a company that has done pretty well over the last few years.  

so i guess i'm doing ok. 

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