{my christmas list}

what i really want for christmas is one of these...

but that's not gonna happen in 8 weeks. so, here is my other christmas list this season.

from top left to bottom right, here's what we've got going on:

1) society 6 makes great iphone cases...and they have hundreds. this is the one i love.  2) clogs from sven. i can't get anyone to email me back to order these, but there are hundreds of types and it's a traditional clog which is exactly what i'm looking for.  3) this coal hat in bright blue. 4) this would be an impulse purchase...but how cute is this adorable coat from jcrew...and it comes in tall?  5) the MacAlister wedge. 6) i'm always losing my glasses, but i wouldn't if i had this cute thing. i know owls are so last season...but i will always love them. chi o for life :) and just fyi...uncommon goods has about 100 things i want. great place for gift giving ideas.  7) a new jewelry pedestal thingy. so cute. love this color. another great find from uncommon goods.  8) super cheesy, but i'm sorta into our wedding right now. and this personalized picture with the skyline of nyc where we fell in love? want.  9) kanthas, saris...really anything from india with lots of bright colors makes me happy. and i need a new tote for my gym clothes. this one is perfect.  10) why does free people always have things i want. i literally cannot go into that store without wanting to spend my entire pay check, and then some. this dress is just a great every day work dress, but also so cute for a date night!

i'm not sure this will be the christmas for lots of gifts. considering that we are spending the holidays traveling in australia, we just got married, and we MAY be getting a puppy...i don't see these items in my closet anytime soon.

but a girl can dream.



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