ok, so the holidays are over, there is no vacation in sight, macy's just announced a huge layoff (which i'm not a part of, so don't get worried) and my 32nd birthday is one week from today.

all of this has really made me think.

i'll do a separate post on what i thought i'd be doing as i approached my 32nd birthday, because where i am and what i thought are pretty different. not in a bad way. just different.

but today, i'll stick to the theme of new year, starting fresh and resolutions.

i don't know about you guys, but at the change of every calendar year, i make a list of all the things i'd love to do.  it's amazing to see all the differences, and also all the things that you didn't get to last it's on the list yet again.  my lists always look something like this...

  1. buy a camera and take pictures. good ones.
  2. write in my blog at least 3 times a week. (let's be honest...every day would set me up for failure.)
  3. learn how to play guitar
  4. do more yoga
  5. save money

all these things are great. but this year, i'm taking a different approach. here is what my list is shaping up to look like...

  1. have once a month "yes" days with the man (this basically means that whatever he asks me, i just say yes and have to do it. it's focusing on giving your partner everything they want and need, within reason.)
  2. care less about what our house looks like...and just enjoy it.
  3. plant a garden and watch it grow
  4. read a classic book from beginning to end, in less than a month
  5. take more baths (i already have taken 1 in the new place and i love it! LOVE)
  6. stop comparing myself to other people my age and think about what i HAVE instead of DON'T have
  7. talk to my dad on the phone at least once a week
  8. meet some girls like i had back home. form bonds and make them a priority.
  9. skype with my nephew
  10. tell everyone how much i love and appreciate them more often. 

honestly, i saw this quote and thought it summed up what we all should be doing every day. 

happy 2014, friends.

may you all be alive this year.

new years.jpg

{yes day: a man and woman's perspective}