i love snow. 

love it. 

there is something so magical and majestic about the white flakes falling from the sky. everything gets quieter and prettier. it's also a change to the ordinary. you never know how much you are going to get, or how it will affect your daily routine. that makes me excited. the unknown aspect of a storm.

last week we had our second big storm of the year. there was a lot of hype about it being a doozy, and oh boy it was. we went to bed on thursday night and the snow was just spitting, but already covering the ground. it looked something like this.

Photo Jan 02, 9 57 11 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 02, 9 57 15 PM.jpg


when we woke up on friday morning (me from a text from work saying that the offices weren't opening until 10 am) the ground was covered by about 8 inches of pure white heavenly snow...and it was still falling. 

i knew that getting to work would be a pain, and technically i could have worked from home...but i had a meeting that afternoon that i didn't want to miss, plus my boss ALWAYS makes it into the office no matter what.  i figured i better get myself in there too. 

as i got up to get ready for the day, this is what i saw out of the back of our house.

Photo Jan 03, 9 05 40 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 03, 9 05 54 AM.jpg

walking to work was a bit tricky. but thanks to my sorels, i made it there fairly dry. here is a picture of our street. the snow was so deep!!

Photo Jan 03, 9 53 59 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 03, 9 56 48 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 03, 9 56 52 AM.jpg
  i think this is a really interesting apartment building near our place. no, it's not supposed to be a picture of trash.

i think this is a really interesting apartment building near our place. no, it's not supposed to be a picture of trash.

and here is Avenue of the America's. fully entrenched in snow. there was a cab driver spinning around in the middle of the street that was pretty hilarious. not much shuts down this city, but hercules seemed to take it's toll!

Photo Jan 03, 10 35 05 AM.jpg

unfortunately, hercules took it's toll on myself too. i slipped down an entire flight of subway stairs and scraped up my arm. i wanted to cry, but nobody was around so it didn't seem worth it. funny thing is, the guy that came down immediately after me did the exact same thing. he apparently lost his entire coffee! 

Photo Jan 03, 10 50 11 AM.jpg

oh, and here are just a couple cute pictures of the man and myself. isn't he just adorable? 

i think so.

Photo Jan 03, 10 11 28 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 03, 10 12 41 PM.jpg

happy monday, folks!


{DIY-dining room paint job}