{the eve of 32}

as i sit here on the eve of my 32nd birthday, the computer sitting in my lap, The Biggest Loser on tv, a cup of decaf coffee and the remnants of a homemade tofu and kale sandwich left on a blue plate with a bird on it, i have to smile.  

am i where i thought i'd be at 32? no way. not even close.

i'm somewhere so much better.

i could go on about the fact that i had no idea i'd be living across the country in the most vibrant and amazing city in the nation, or that i was promoted to a job that i love and a position that i've been dreaming of, or the fact that we moved into a beautiful apartment in brooklyn that allows us to live like normal human beings and has enough room for all our clothes (yes, you can't imagine how happy that makes me) ...but all of those things are just icing on the cake.

i'm smiling because i can pick up the phone on the way home from my subway stop, and talk to my mom every night.

i'm smiling because i have an adorable nephew that has made my sister a mother, and the happiest i've ever seen her.

i'm smiling because my dad went on his annual road trip to ski for another year.

i'm smiling because i had the BEST Thanksgiving with every single person from my dad's side of the family...and we all had so much fun.

i'm smiling because i received a birthday card from a old dear friend as a complete surprise, and it's reminded me that a 3 dollar card, a stamp, and two hand written lines can make someone's week.   

i'm smiling because i met a really good man. someone that reminds me every day to be thankful, caring, adventurous, and full of life.

i'm smiling because every year, i realize that I appreciate the little things in life more than the year before...and that makes my soul happy. 

so, if on the eve of my 33rd birthday, i can be smiling about the same list that i am today, it's been another great year.

and i will go on creating this story of my life. and enjoying every second.  


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