{yes day: a man and woman's perspective}

i told the man about having "yes days" last night.  

basically, what that means is that you have to say yes to anything that your significant other asks you.  obviously, this can't be unreasonable or crazy, but i believe it's there to remind us how often we automatically say no.  i have found myself saying no more and more before i even think about things...which just doesn't seem right. especially when it could be important to my partner.

here is how the conversation went down:

me: so...i was thinking that we could start this thing called "yes days." 

the man: oh yeah? what's that?

me: well, it's where one person gets a day where the other person has to say yes to everything...(cut off in mid sentence to some slight yipping and then this)

the man: that's awesome! i'm going to make you do so much stuff...this is so great...(continuous talking ensues as i try to get his attention on the "rules".)

me: haven't even heard what it means. and it's not supposed to be for unreasonable things. it's supposed to be normal stuff, like if i want to go on a have to go with me. or if you want to go to a sci fi action movie, i go with no complaints.

the man: oh...i'm going to make you chug a whole bottle of champagne! can my yes day start tomorrow night at midnight? i want to make sure i get the full 24 hours.

me: did you hear anything i just said?

the man: what? yeah...that's not unreasonable? are you sure you want to do this? this is going to be so much fun!

if i don't check in this weekend, it's because i'm drunk.

{the eve of 32}