{our last weekend together}

i'm being a little bit dramatic when i title this post..."our last weekend together." that makes it look like we are breaking up or something horrendous like that.

that is definitely not true.

in fact, it's quite the opposite.  i love this man more and more every day. we had some pretty serious conversations this past weekend...and we both realized we just love each other so much. i know it's gushy...but it's pretty amazing.

sometimes in the morning after a night where i go to sleep earlier than him, i find emails waiting for me that he writes when nobody else is around. i got one on sunday morning and he says little things like...

" you're the apple of my eye"


"i love you so much i can't quite understand it." 

it's such a sweet gesture, and i know he means every word. it's not a special occasion or  an anniversary or's just him being the sweetest man in the world. 

but, on to less gush and more about what we did this weekend.  

sunday was my favorite day. we took the afternoon and walked around the city instead of going to the gym. i must admit, i didn't get the workout that i wanted, but it was nice to be in the fresh air with the man.   

here is a look at our day in photos.  

i heart nyc and i heart this guy. 

i could post these last couple pictures without an explanation, but our conversation was so funny that i have to share it.  

i told the man that i thought my neck angled forward more than most. so, we each took side profile shots...and the man realized that i have an extremely long neck! he said that's why he thinks i feel like it protrudes more than most.   

i feel like an ostrich or a giraffe sometimes. 

but at least he doesn't think i look like one.  

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