{she was right}

so, per my previous post here...i wanted to go on a 10 day juice cleanse after i got rhonda.  i had it all planned out in my head.  the man would be gone, leaving me to my healthy habits and juicing powers.   


and even as much as i hate to say sister was right.

she texted me immediately following my post on my ten day cleanse..and it said something like this. 

if you do a 10 day cleanse, i will give you 100 dollars. 

she knows me too well.  i am the queen on starting things (especially diets, fads, blipfoto, and other things that require a daily effort) and then quitting. i usually get so miserable focusing on the fad...i don't even remember why i started it.

anyways, although i didn't go on a total 10 day cleansing journey...i have been juicing a lot. so much that i think i gave myself stomach aches.

is it possible to have too many fruits and veggies?  

so even tho i didn't make it on the full 10 day juice cleanse (yeah, sissy...i know you are smiling and thinking..."i told you so") i still LOVE rhonda.  

here are some of the juices i've liked. 

  • Lots of Kale, 2 apples, 1 cucumber, 2 carrots, 1 inch ginger.
  • 2 apples, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 cups grapes, 1 cucumber.   
  • 1 apple, 1/4 of a pineapple, a few blackberries, lots of spinach, and a carrot
  • 1 orange, 1 apple, half a lemon, and 1 carrot. 
  • I also found this awesome 30 days of juicing from the Williams Sonoma Taste blog. (which has also become one of my favorite blogs) and i have tried quite a few.  

    so, although i didn't complete the 10 days of juicing...this machine is still getting a workout.  i would highly suggest one to all my friends!

    on other topics...i desperately need to update you all on our trip to thailand...but until are some things i'm loving right now. 

    this was a new place that my friend nat and i tried for dinner last night. i didn't take a picture of anything but the cheese plate, and the mirror...but the food was amazing. we shared a cheeseburger (the cheese came in a pot...and you dunked the burger in like fondue!) and the mac and cheese made me want to cry it was sooo good.   


    Photo Oct 09, 7 29 46 PM.jpg

    as we sat at the bar and stuffed our little faces, i realized that the mirror across from us was super cool. they had put shelves OVER the mirror, so it acted as a dual mirror shelf. pretty cool.  

    now i want the man to make me one. 

    Photo Oct 09, 8 22 12 PM.jpg

    we also signed up for this Fall Harvest Dinner.  

    i love fall. and i love to eat.  perfect match. 

    these next three things all go together. the first is a treadmill workout i got from pb fingers here. i have been really dreading running these days, so this workout mixed it up and i didn't feel like i was just running.  i only did 2.3 miles, but i burned 400 calories. pretty pleased with that as i get back into the post vacation workout mode.   

    Photo Oct 10, 5 47 05 AM.png

    these last two pics are of my new favorite (but super expensive) raw, vegan, gluten free, meal.

    collard-wrapped enchiladas.  

     i had it this morning for breakfast! it's sooooo delish.  you can order them here...but i get it all from my gym. lucky me. 


    Photo Oct 10, 8 45 37 AM.jpg
    Photo Oct 10, 8 45 14 AM.jpg

    and that's a "wrap" for today. 

    i'm such a nerd. 


    {date night}