{date night}

so, tonight is our last date night before our big trip and before the man leaves for his homeland.  actually, tonight is our last night of seeing each other for around 2 weeks.  

i think that's the longest we have gone since meeting...aside from "the gap" which is an entirely different story that i don't have time for in this short little post.  

but, i had to share tonight's plans because i'm oh so very excited.

we are going to dinner here. at hudson clearwater.  

they have my favorite alcohol...(bison grass vodka) in my favorite drink (moscow mule.) i have to be honest, my favorite drink changes all the time, but right now this is it! 

apparently, the restaurant is hidden. you wouldn't know it if you walked by...meaning it's probably a little bit of a shee shee crowd...but i don't care.  

i will only be looking at one person. 

i found the restaurant from this blog. she's got great nyc advice and i'm assuming that this place is going to be fantastic. here are some pictures that i borrowed off cup of jo to give you an idea of how secret and amazing this place is going to be. 

the first is what it looks like from the'd never even know! 

the second is the garden you walk through to get there... 

the third is the stairway up to the restaurant... 

and the last is the little piece of heaven that is the actual restaurant. 

i will update you all tomorrow.

in the meantime, i have a 10k to run...and then a dazzling dress to put on! 


{she was right}

{ode to banana}