{ode to banana}

today i walked outside my apartment building to find this pitiful spot where my bike used to be.   

Photo Sep 11, 6 34 08 AM.jpg

wah wah wah. 

someone must have been really excited about banana...or big yellow that i sometimes called her.  i still can't believe the actual pole is cut. this new york place is crazzzzzy. 

she was quite the beauty.

in her honor, i dedicate this post:

"Banana Big Yellow, of New York state, died on Wednesday, September 11th between the hours of 10PM and 6AM.  She died on 6th Street between Avenue B and C in the East Village, across from one of her favorite hangouts Grape and Grain. It was a sudden death, with no known illnesses except a lame back wheel which worked just fine, but looked a bit funny. 

Banana Big Yellow was born in Portland, Oregon to Stephanie Burnham after being saved from Portland City Bicycles where she stood out because of her bright yellow color and large frame. She has no siblings and only leaves behind Stephanie. 

Banana was an extremely loyal friend and companion. She was always there when you needed her, and she got you from A to B fast and complication free...unlike her cousin, the subway. Occasionally, when she got a bit fired up, she would rush past people and cars, ringing her bell and letting people know she was there. But most of the time, she just cruised along.  She didn't like the rain very much, and would spray mud and dirt at everyone and everything ...but she just wanted attention... just like everyone else. In her recent months, she was stripped of her good looks, and lost her lights, her mud guard, and her front basket was hanging on by a thread. Despite these things, people still commented on her beauty, and often asked where she was from.  

The memorial will be held tonight, at the place of her death on 6th street in New York City at 8 pm, prior to a dinner celebration in Brooklyn at La Esquina.  She was a long time fan of the Williamsburg Bridge, so tonight as we ride over we will remember her in all her glory. 

Please feel free to donate to the Banana Big Yellow Bike Memorial in hopes that some day she can be replaced, but of course not forgotten.  Flowers are also accepted. Please comment if you would like to send something and we will respond in a private message with the address for all of the above.  

Here are a few pictures to remember her by.  

{date night}

{our last weekend together}