i don't know what has changed in me...but i am ready for fall. i am anxiously awaiting the leaves to transform their color, the wind to get a little crisper, and boots to come back in season.

with the changing weather, i have been focused on how i may mix up my style. not a drastic change, but just incorporating some different pieces that i may have shied away from before.  

i obviously love headwear. wraps, headbands, beanies, baseball caps, slouchy name it.  

i found this company the other day, and i'm totally obsessed. it's based out of hood river, oregon (i know, it's fate) and their style is right up my alley.   

i really want to buy one of everything... 

but money doesn't grow on trees. 

i am going to buy one of these...i just need to decide on which one. 

what do you like? 

Photo Aug 28, 11 00 40 AM.jpg
Photo Aug 28, 11 01 17 AM.jpg

{rhonda...the juicer}

{hood to coast}