{hood to coast}

this is my third time running hood to coast.  

every year i sign up, look forward to it, then dread it...but always have the best time.   

this year was no different.

i flew into portland on thursday night. i landed about 10:00 pm and the man was there waiting for me. i don't think i can remember the last time someone waited inside the airport for me, so that when i walked out, they were standing there to greet me with a smile.  

it may have been one of my favorite moments of the weekend. when i saw him, i couldn't help but smile. but that's just him. he always thinks of the little things to do that surprise and excite me. 

lucky girl, i know. 

we went for some well deserved dinner at departure, which is at the top of the nines hotel in downtown portland. i had soba noodles, chicken skewers and their roll of the day. it was delish.  then off to bed at the hotel monaco so we could gear up for the next two days. 

friday morning i was able to sneak over to my parents house and see them for just a short hour or so. 

my mom is the best. 

she prepped us with homemade peanut butter energy bars, and a whole sack of food for us to eat, including bottled waters, a jar of almond butter, apples, pb and j name it. everything a runner needs. 

i was even able to see my cute little nephew for a bit. how can you resist this face? 

(my sister is pretty cute too. so hip with new bangs :)) 


then we packed up and headed to the van 2 meeting spot in ne portland, where we met the other runners that we would be with for the next 24 hours. 

here are some of the photos from the race. between honey buckets, sweaty runners, sore bodies, no sleep, and a few beers...we had the best time. 

there is a comradery that you feel when it's pitch black outside, and you pass another runner in the middle of the night. both of you heading towards the same goal. 

it made me miss my friends from home. a lot. and that was something that wasn't expected.  

they are good friends. great friends.   

and it's a pretty amazing event.  

see you next year




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