{time is a passin...}

things have been oh so busy since my last update. honestly, the fact that today is the last day of july has me a bit stressed...and crazed because i know that summer will soon be ending... 

which means the end of music in the park, margaritas in the sun, ac units in the windows, brown skin, bleached hair, sand between our toes...and everything in between.  

but, the summer is not yet over, and we will continue to make the most of it.   

i have been DYING to go to ABC Kitchen for months. literally, every time i go to make a reservation, they are completely booked. a couple thursdays ago, we finally got in.

it was one of my favorite dates nights ever. we had so much fun...the food was simply amaze...and we got to stand outside with lawrence fishburne and his kid. you know...this guy. from the matrix?  


here are some pictures of our romantic night....minus our heads. 

my pizza had cherry and bacon on it. no brainer. 

on another note, i joined a new gym. equinox. and it's the bomb. i literally want to sleep there. i'm completely obsessed with it so i find myself working out more. i think that's a good thing though, right? 

they have eucalyptus infused wet cold towels to wipe yourself down with.  

i almost ate one the other day. 

they also have everything you could possibly need stocked in the bathroom. i am paying a price for it, but it is super convenient. i'm the girl that took a picture of the bathroom products because i was so excited. 

that same night we passed a spraying fire hydrant.  every time i pass one, i think how "nyc" it is. i always want to run through it, but there are usually little kids playing and i think a 31 year old woman would be rude to push them out of the way.  but this night was my lucky night.  nobody around. the man took pictures of me whilst i rode through. i wasn't expecting it to be sooo cold...but i can definitely cross it off the bucket list!

finally, i had a friend come into town from college who i hadn't seen in probably 10+ years. she was always one of my sweetest girlfriends and i was excited to see her. i never doubted that we'd have any trouble getting right back to where we'd been...and sure time was wasted.

she lives in alabama (always been a southern girl) and was up here for work. we had a very international dinner, an australian, a portlander, 3 spaniards, a croatian, a russian and then kimmy from alabama. one of my favorite dinners with a big group around a rustic old wooden table at Gemma

the night continued to get a little you can see by the following. 

oh nyc, how i love you...and old friends.

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