i am trying to focus on other things. trying to keep my brain from zeroing in on what i do for at least 8-10 hours a day.  

we work to live, right? not live to work.  

but it is hard to convince your mind to just do a job, instead of enjoying it too.  

i feel like i could cry. i feel useless. stupid. dreadful. scared. and sad.

sad because i'm 31 and professionally lost. sad because i'm too afraid to quit my job and do something i might love because it doesn't pay well. sad because i feel bad about not being fulfilled.

so this is what i do. i think about it, and then i force my brain to move along to the next thing.  

it just always creeps back in. 

in keeping with that theme, we had a fun filled weekend.

here it is in pictures. 

now that girl doesn't look so sad, does she? 

she is filled with margaritas, running races, dinner with her brother in law, bbq's, mexican dinners, half naked boys, and glorious sun shine! 

if only it could be the weekend ALL the time. 



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