{i'm faster than you}

i completely forgot about updating this little blog about the brooklyn half marathon.  

i didn't pr. but i still ran it at an 8:18 pace...which is about 30 seconds faster than when i started doing half marathons. and those i trained for.

maybe i should start actually training?

the pre and post half marathon events are the best. this year, they held the pre party at a cool spot underneath the brooklyn bridge. it's the same venue that they hold smorgasburg at during the summer months. pretty cool.

the man's good spaniard friend, he and i all went to the pre party together on our bikes friday night. i am thinking about purchasing one of these cool belts for my next few races...but i haven't decided if i'm going to love it, or hate it. they had a big set up...but no colors left that i liked. i may just have to order one.

we ran into one of the guys that the man and the spaniard work with...and i was the hairiest bunch of guys around!

after the pre party, we headed to dinner at a cute little italian spot on bedford avenue. it was the same place that the man and the spaniard went last year before their first half marathon ever. 

suckers for tradition.

i took a picture of my bib during dinner.

race day came super early on saturday morning, so we were in a cab by 5:30 to make it out there in time. 

of course, i had all sorts of issues before the gun went off, and lost the man straight away.  i actually ended up crossing the finish line 6 seconds ahead of him.  that's not typical. usually is he much faster than me.

all in all, it was a fun day. 

we celebrated with margaritas that evening.

Photo May 18, 8 07 46 PM.jpg

amazing what a shower and a tad bit of makeup can do!?

{governor's ball}