{happy birthday, mama}

my mom turns 65 years old today. 

she is the perfect mom.  

the perfect mom for me.

she is patient, kind, loving, caring, wise, cries a lot (but in a good way,) laughs at me, lets me do crazy things and listens to my silly ideas, has a saying for everything, was in the "A" reading group in high school, was an excellent swimmer back in the day, is a great cook even though she doesn't think so, keeps an immaculate house where you could eat off the floor, found a new joy in being a grandmother, and will fly across the country to stay with me in my tiny nyc apartment.  

and she loves every second. 

since i don't have kids, i have no idea the love that a parent feels for their child.   i just know how much i love my mama, and how i can't imagine my life without her.  

i am going home next week and i can't wait to just sit in the living room and talk with her. gossip about all the stuff that i don't tell her when we skype, or text message. i get to eat her crazy delicious berry salads, and walk with her in the morning while she takes gorgeous photos and blips about all the things she is thankful for.  

she is a daily inspiration to me.

and a constant support.   

i love you, mama.  

happy birthday.

PS. I had this written on friday, but got pulled into a meeting and then couldn't access a computer. THEN...Liz used the photo i wanted to use. typical that we both love the same photo. ok. i love you.


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