i don't feel like i'm doing what i am good at. i don't even know how much i like it.  

but how many people feel this way?  

it pays the bills, and i can't complain about the hours (although i've been spending much more time here than i would like) but every single day i sit at my desk and think that i'm wasting myself.  

that my life is passing me by. 

that i will wake up at 65 and think...why didn't i ever try to do something i really felt passionate about? 

i know this is a similar post to a couple days ago, but i can't shake this feeling. writing about it helps because at least i'm acknowledging the feeling of discontent. even if i don't do anything about it...

at least i'm being honest. 

this shouldn't be a rant, but maybe there is something else out there? maybe there is a job that is perfect for me that i'm too scared to go after...


{happy birthday, mama}