i am lucky enough to live with someone that loves his job. someone that is sooo talented, he runs a team of about 150 people...working on super legit work that is sometimes top secret, but very often the best in his line. 

he has the best clients, the smartest employees...and he is their leader.

my sister has always been very successful as well. she climbed the ranks of the corporate world in every job that she had, and would have continued to do that and become a VP at nike...but she decided to raise her little boy instead.  she is even more fantastic at being a mom than she was at her job.  it's pretty amazing. 

sometimes i sit at work and look outside my window, not managing anyone, without a "technical" promotion for over the last 3 years, and not being at the level i want to be at.  i have worked hard, and done some cool jobs, but it's nothing that i feel overwhelmed about. i don't look at my work and say "i was really proud of this or that."  

i have moments where i think to myself, "oh shit. i am 31 and i don't really like what i've done, what i'm doing and/or what i think i'm really good at."  

but how do you take the leap? how do you say to yourself, "i am going to try this. i don't know if i will be good at it, or if i'll succeed, but i want to try." 

i have dreams of opening up a little store where the merchandise is totally my style, regardless of the current trends. it would be filled with headbands, knuckle rings, long skirts, bangles, bright colored tops, wedges, leather bags, wraps, antique furniture, vintage posters, plates, refurbished furniture...the list could go on and on.  

i get inspired when i walk around NYC. and i think i see things differently. i've never dressed like any of my friends, i don't care if i'm on trend as long as i look good and feel confident.  my house decor is just a little bit "off." I think turquoise goes with everything and i can't have enough knick knacks. 

but how does it all come together? what could i possibly do with it all?  

i don't think i have an answer right now. it's just something that i think about.

i think about a lot. 

i was shopping after the gym the other day, and i went to fish eddy's and abc carpet and home. these are both amazing shops. here is what i saw and what i loved. all for different reasons.  


that was fish eddys.  

and here is my favorite from abc carpet and home.  

and here is my dream bed. wrought iron. minus the pink. 

Photo Jun 07, 6 05 45 PM.jpg

and here is an amazing write up my sister did on my apartment in NYC when i first moved here...if you're interested.

maybe some day, decorating or having a little shop to put pretty things in will happen for me. 

one day. 


{governor's ball}