{governor's ball}

a music festival is usually a relaxing, get burnt in the sun, listen to good music, lay in the grass, eat food from carts, drink beers in big cans, sort of event.  

governor's ball this year was not so much that...

as it was a complete mud fest. 

mud 4-8 inches thick. everyone in boots. not the slightest possibility of leaving clean.

but what good times. 

the lineup was amazing, and although i only saw a few acts on saturday, i enjoyed every last moment. 

this is what i wore: 

Photo Jun 08, 2 26 48 PM.jpg

waiting for the ferry to randall island. it's a pretty cool little island right off the east side of manhattan. you can read more about it here.


Photo Jun 08, 3 36 12 PM.jpg

when i got there, all i could do was laugh. there was so much that it was shocking. and hilarious. watching people navigating through the fields was a show in itself. i even got stuck and my spaniard friend had to pull me out.  

it definitely put a smile on both our faces.   

after a few of these fosters and the initial stomp through, it was like we'd never been to a concert that wasn't caked in mud.

on the ferry ride home, i snapped a quick picture of the girls sitting across from me. it was like the mud acted like an equalizer...making us all the same. nobody was judging anybody else, and everyone was dirty.  

a muddy day. but a good day.

Photo Jun 08, 8 57 23 PM.jpg


{i'm faster than you}