{coney island, smorgasburg and whole 30 don't mix}

this weekend was our first weekend on Whole30.  going into it, i wasn't sure if we were going to make it with no booze. friday night came around and all i wanted was a glass of wine. the man was even more set on taking a "cheat day."

i am happy to report, we made it! here's a little recap of how the weekend went.

friday night...dinner at home, a movie, and early to bed. i always like nights like that.

we woke up on saturday morning and decided to go on a bike ride to coney island. i only have a cruiser with 3 speeds so i wasn't sure how a 25 mile round trip bike ride would feel. but it was a beautiful day and we wanted to be outside without the temptation of sitting on a patio and drinking margaritas. 

we rode through parts of brooklyn i didn't even know existed and found ourselves at coney island in no time.

we went with our friends who sat and ate cotton candy, fried calamari and french fries right in front of us.

i think it was a test.

we passed with flying colors as we ate our homemade chicken salads, grapes, and cashews for dessert. delish.

as we rode back and the day got shorter, our urge to cheat became smaller and smaller. i wasn't willing to break for a just anything...and i figured we'd made it through half the weekend anyway!

now i have to tell a little story.  

i am lucky to date a man who loves to do things spur of the moment and never counts anything out.

it's one of the reasons i love him so much.


just got back from 25 mile bike ride. wind blow. a little sunburnt. it's 6:30pm.

the man:"Do you want to go to the Nets Playoff Game 7 tonight?"

me: "Um...yeah. that would be awesome." (as i'm in the kitchen filling up the dishwasher.)

the man: "Sweet. Tickets booked. we need to leave ASAP."

as we are walking out the door, he looks at the floor by the dishwasher and it's covered in sudsy bubbles.


the man proceeds to open the dishwasher to flooding bubbles.

the man:"what did you put in here?"

me: "this" (as i'm holding up dishwasher liquid. sidenote: it's really hard to tell what you are buying for dishwasher detergent at whole foods. why can't they just sell cascade?)

the man:"that's not dishwasher detergent. that's DISHWASHING liquid."

me: "whoops."

we basically take 20 minutes to syphon out the water, soak up water from underneath the dishwasher, find a mouse trap with a dead mouse on it (hoorah!) and still make it to the game during the 4th quarter.

we were one row away from the top row of the Barclay center...but obviously happy and excited to see a playoff game.

i loved every second.

sunday we went on a long run across the bridge to brooklyn to go to Smorgasburg.  i thought there would be other vendors aside from food, but i was wrong.

it was basically like a huge "Screw you" to see all of that delicious food and not be able to eat it.

but, we succeeded again.

overall, a very nice and sobering weekend. literally.

the man said he couldn't remember the last time he went a week without a drink.

i reminded him that the next time he thinks about that, he will know.

may of 2013. boom.


{whole 30. day 4}