{whole 30. day 4}

i started the whole30 challenge on tuesday after a pig out weekend, and then an amazing dinner with friends on monday, here.  

i've been eyeing this for awhile, but i finally just decided to do it after i realized i was eating sweets after  


it was time to stop.  so, i'm trying it. the man has decided to try it too. i'm VERY impressed with his dedication. it's not like it's easy. no sugar, no booze, no grains, no legumes, no gluten, no dairy...blah blah blah. 

the first few days have been ok except around 3 pm. i get SUPER lethargic and a stomach ache. today is better than yesterday, because yesterday i thought i was going to die. i'm not sure if it's sugar withdrawals or what...but it was intense. it is definitely better today.

here is a snapshot of our meals this week. i found it's much easier to plan ahead in order to stay on track. otherwise, getting home and being too hungry and not knowing what to make or having the ingredients would equal failure for me.

the meatloaf recipe i stole from this guy...and honestly...with no's amazeballz. but, with the sauce that i mention below...

it's pure heaven in your mouth.

last night we had pulled pork with the sauce mentioned below as well...and it was TDF. maybe i'm just really hungry...but i like to believe i'm just making epic meals. here is the recipe for that. obviously, if there is sugar involved i always omit. 

and then here's what my food is looking like for lunches...

a colorful plate...

i put sriracha on everything.

literally, everything.

i dream about this bottle.


i needed a new condiment that was hot, sugar free, gluten free, and no icky preservatives or nastiness, that unfortunately my bestie above has.

as i entered Whole Foods on Tuesday night, this awesome brand called my name:



You can probably find it at your local Whole Foods or natural market, and I hope they keep succeeding...because this stuff is good. I'm a HUGE fan of the BBQ, and the Balsamic Ranch so far. There are so many left to mouth is watering just thinking about it.

i'm almost to day 5. but it's friday night and this is calling my name


but, i think i can remain strong.


i will remain strong.

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