{a couple runs, a fun trip and being thankful}

things have been happening here in nyc. good things.

i got a new job in the Home business of Macy's. i will be buying for cutlery and gadgets. i always wanted to get back into home, and everything fell into place. i'm excited for a new adventure and a shared office with an actual window in a new building!

it's the little things.

one of my vendors took me out to lunch in celebration of this next step. we went to Stella inside of Macy's and it was amazing. we had a window seat and the views were breathtaking.

we also ran a half marathon in Washington DC. it was an epic course, but i didn't have my best time. i actually was slower than my usual by about 5 minutes. i don't think the bathroom pit stop helped between mile 8 and 9 though :/ 

this collage pretty much sums up our weekend.

and i got a little silly post run.

i am very thankful that i get to do these types of things. i am also very lucky that i have such a great partner to do them with. he beat me in the race (which i admit...doesn't make me too happy) but we had so much fun the whole weekend. 

i wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.  

{whole 30. day 4}