{running in brooklyn}

this weekend we are running the brooklyn half marathon. it's part of the 5 borough series of races that the new york road runners puts on.  

5 series includes:

manhattan half marathon

brooklyn half marathon

staten island half marathon

queens 10K

bronx 10 mile

last year i did 3 of the 5, and this year i am planning on running 4 of the 5 (i missed the manhattan one at the beginning of the year.) the NYRR association has a new policy this year that if you run 4 of the 5 races in the series, you get automatic entry into the new york half marathon. sweet deal because it's hard to get into.

i haven't been running my best these past few weeks, and i'm a little nervous about this race. if you're a runner, then you know what i mean when i say that you really don't know how you are going to run until the first step. i pray that the first step in brooklyn on saturday feels good. real good.

my fastest pace for a half marathon is 8:06 minute mile on a hilly course. i'm still not sure how i did that, but i'd love to do it again.

maybe not this race, but someday. 

this race i run for fun.

i don't have a lot of running breakdowns anymore, but i used to when i ran with my sister.  she is WAY faster and all around...

a great runner.

she nicknamed my breakdowns "fat camp." i won't go into where that name came from.

now i just have a lot of moments like this.

happy running, folks.

{summer shoes}